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Integration using only SQL queries

CB Linked Server can be set up and running in seconds; integration of your businesses processes is lightning fast.

CB Linked Server was specifically designed for all:

Database administrators

System Administrators

IT Administrators

System Integrators

SQL syntax knowledge is more than sufficient for the integration process.

Handle all you business software integrations in-house.

CB Linked Server is the easiest way to synchronize and integrate multiple enterprise LOBs. It is a SQL based solution that works with Microsoft SQL server using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

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Experience the full power of our solution — connect to 30+ target systems.

All LOBs using a single tool

There is no need to study the documentation of each LOB or reconfigure them regardless of where and how they are installed.
CB Linked Server understands your SQL language and translates it to function calls to the target LOB(s) to perform your tasks.
This approach protects your database and respects all your existing business and security principles.

Step by step to your solution


  • No need to study the APIs or the documentation of the target systems
  • No need for external IT company
  • Integration will work even if you decide to update your systems in future
  • Saves a lot of time and money
  • 100% control. Easy to adjust integration any time you need
  • 1 tool for integrating multiple systems
  • Protects your data and databases
  • Uses well known SQL syntax
  • Supports more than 30 popular LOBs

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Download a User Manual that contains all the info on how it works including step-by-step installation
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