Partner Core Competencies:

PARTNER TYPE: System Integrator

COUNTRY: Luxembourg


Agile Partner was created in 2004 to provide innovative IT services to the Luxembourg and Greater Region market. Thanks to its unique combination of technical expertise and experience with agile methods, Agile Partner has built its service offering from the belief that we are in a constantly changing market. It's why an agile approach can provide meaningful results to companies for which their information system is a strategic asset. Agile Partner has achieved its successful growth by adopting the values of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”.  They also put in practice in a pragmatic way the core principles of customer collaboration, continuous contextual adaptation and appreciation of individuals’ diversity. What Agile Partner can offer:
• Software Development
• Consulting
• Knowledge Transfer
• Innovation Support
• And many other services.
Agile Partner would be pleased to talk with you about that! Check out their website.