What is CB Blockchain Seal Verifier?

CB Blockchain Seal Verifier is a service from Connecting Software to provide proof that your files and documents are authentic. For maximum availability, all stakeholders can reach it online at any time. Anyone can verify a CB Blockchain sealed file anywhere. This means all stakeholders can trust the files they have - they can check if they have an untampered file at any moment.

If you have several versions of the same file sealed with CB Blockchain Seal, you can use CB Blockchain Seal Verifier to get the sealing history of that file and find the most recent version. CB Blockchain Seal Verifier builds a timeline for those files, so you get the big picture.

What is blockchain seal verifier

How is Blockchain technology used?

How is blockchain technology used

Blockchain is all the hype now, with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is even getting popular with companies with Digital Twins and Smart Contracts. But how do CB Blockchain Seal and CB Blockchain Seal Verifier use it?

Here we use it to guarantee the authenticity of a file. For each file to be sealed, we get the digital fingerprint (hash) of the file. We place that hash on the blockchain, and that can be Ethereum, Bitcoin, or others.

As Blockchain is a distributed ledger, this means the existence of the seal cannot be tampered with and that you can prove the file you have sealed is authentic and that its content is the same since it was sealed.

What can I do with CB Blockchain Seal Verifier?

There are three possible ways you can directly use CB Blockchain Seal Verifier to verify a seal:
Verify files yourself using CB Blockchain Seal Verifier
Check that no one has tampered with the file or document you have by validating it online. Use blockchain and all its power without any hassle!
Trace the validity timeline of a file based on several versions of the same file using CB Blockchain Seal Verifier
CB Blockchain Seal Verifier includes the Dispute Resolution tool. Provide several versions of the same file to the tool and discover which one is the currently valid one plus get a timeline for the files you have in hand. You will know when each version was sealed and be able to trace the file’s sealing history.
Verify files in your software using the CB Digital Port of Trust API
You can also make sure files or documents have not been tampered with from inside of a software application you developed. For that, you’ll need to use the CB Digital Port of Trust API. Optionally, you can use it in combination with the Connect Bridge integration and get great interoperability benefits.
If you have a custom Document Management System, ERP, or CRM and you would like to integrate this functionality
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You can also use CB Blockchain Seal Verifier to seal a file, for later verification.

How did my file get sealed?

The person that sealed the file, chose one of the following options. You can seal your files too!
CB Blockchain Seal
CB Blockchain Seal
Our generic Blockchain file sealing solution which you can tailor to your needs
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CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint
CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint, which integrates blockchain and document management in a solution specific to the Microsoft SharePoint environment
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CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce
CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce, which seamlessly integrates into the Salesforce environment
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CB Blockchain Seal Verifier
CB Blockchain Seal Verifier, where you can go online and create the seal on-the-go.
Learn More
Custom software that uses the CB Digital Port of Trust API. By using the API, you can leverage the power of blockchain and use it to ensure trust in your files and documents with very low effort. By using our blockchain integration API, blockchain integration becomes straightforward and quick!
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    It is important to note that the verification can be done at any point in time. There is no limitation for older documents. If you want to check the integrity of a secured document when it is already several years old, you can do so.
    The fact that this is distributed ledger-based application makes this solution decentralized. We store Blockchain Seals in public blockchains. Therefore, due to the distributed nature of blockchains, CB Blockchain Seal provides the highest security in terms of hash storage.
    The state-of-the-art design and architecture of our technology make using Blockchain Seals fast and efficient.Which in turn makes this solution environmentally sound, as it uses less energy than othe Blockchain solutions.  Blockchain certification of files is the future! 
    When using CB Blockchain Seal and CB Blockchain Seal Verifier, the original document data is never stored in the blockchain, only the document’s hash. You don’t have to worry about compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, New York’s SHIELD or other regulations regarding personal information: we support all these regulations by keeping the data itself in its original location. Only the hash goes to the blockchain.
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