Dynamics 365: How to save up to 70% on Storage Costs

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 online storage pricing is a major topic for many professionals. In this post we analyze a few ‘other’ solutions to cut storage costs. We then present a practical scenario of online data storage, and additional file storage in Dynamics 365 and Office 365 (SharePoint Online). Read on to find out how you too could see near-instant ROI with our ready-to-use solution.

What data storage solutions are available?

At the enterprise level, many people often use a combination of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online to manage and store the myriad data generated in today’s business world. Additionally, It is important to note that Dynamics 365 is optimized for database record storage – not file storage, which would include Outlook integration and attachments (both email and notes) in Dynamics 365 as well as Workflows, among others, all of which are notorious, but necessary data hogs.

According to crmtipoftheday:
“One of the critiques of CRM Online is the cost of storage. When compared with SharePoint Online, DropBox, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or other online storage providers, CRM Online is more expensive.
However, you need to consider the type of storage when comparing storage plans and prices.”

Solutions to optimize file storage do exist.
You could, for example:
– search around for free storage space;
– choose to manually decrease the file size of email attachments;
– try some of these methods like bulk delete email and workflow instances;
– buy additional storage space;
– or try a solution called Attachment Management.

However you must keep in mind that:
“This solution moves note and email attachments to Azure blob storage, where storage costs are cheaper than Dynamics 365 storage.”
But as the author of this blog notes:
“You will off course still need a solution to externalize these blobs.”

Yet, at the end of the day, these other solutions fail to get to the core issue of data storage costs. You could, therefore, end up paying way more than you should, or with the wonderful email subject line: Storage Limit Exceeded.

Moreover, a simple Bing search for ‘save storage costs Dynamics 365’ yields plenty of information about managing, comparing or freeing storage space. And of course, there is always a self-interested Microsoft Partner on the community pages expounding some thoughtful idea – only to put on the brakes and tell you to contact them for the best pricing and custom solution.

In this post, for example, the author describes how to limit your Dynamics 365 data usage by storing attachments outside of CRM. “Attachments are stored inside the CRM database and any extra storage is priced at a premium,” writes the author, as he goes on to suggest using a third-party solution (no, it doesn’t secure privileges and permissions, but they say you can save money).

Use case scenario: Storage basics

AS part of the Dynamics 365 plan, data storage by default is set at 10 GB for all users, with add-on file storage set at $5/ GB/ month. However, additional storage is granted at no charge at the rate of 5GB for every 20 full users.

Office 365 Enterprise E1 includes 1TB of data storage per organization + 0.5GB per subscribed user, with the extra storage price set at $0.2 / GB / month.

Let’s consider the case of an enterprise using Dynamics 365. The people in this organization store a lot of data. Here’s an ROI calculation for an organization with 5000 CRM users and high daily storage requirements.


  • Invest around 100K
  • Save nearly 200k in the first year
  • Achieve ROI in about 4 months
  • Companies with a fraction of this many CRM users can also see big savings.

The most effective solution

As our tech solutions writer Zsolt writes:
“SharePoint remains the solution of choice for team collaboration and document storage. It provides many important benefits to Dynamics 365, such as lower database utilization, cheaper online storage and access to documents for non-CRM users, among others.”

Yet it is important to note that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a standard out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint that enables organizations to link SharePoint documents with CRM records. However, as the security models of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint differ significantly, this out-of-the box integration does not provide the same level of record security in CRM and SharePoint. This results in documents in SharePoint being accessible to users without the required Dynamics CRM privileges.

That’s where the CB Dynamics CRM SharePoint Permissions Replicator steps in to save the day (and costs) as an application that monitors privilege changes for Dynamic CRM data items in the background and automatically synchronizes these changes to respective items in SharePoint.

When you want to cut expenses and efficiently store records and data using a combination of Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint Online storage, choose the return on ROI provided by the CB Dynamics CRM SharePoint Permissions Replicator and streamline your secure data storage today.


In a blog post about helping customers accelerate their digital transformation with intelligent business applications in Dynamics 365, Takeshi Numoto, Microsoft’s corporate VP for cloud and enterprise writes about the growing partner ecosystem, “solutions from our ISV partners also use this common data model, which means you can easily extend your Dynamics 365 capabilities with the unique industry and function specific apps found in AppSource.”

One of those apps is the CB CRM to Sharepoint Permissions Replicator.

Those of you in need of an on-premises or hybrid solution, can choose from among 3 deployment options, just visit our pricing page to find the one that best fits your needs.

Start using the CB replicator today, or check the video below to learn more.


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