Finally, We Have Merged. How to Sync Calendars Hosted on Different Exchange Servers

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In an ideal Microsoft world, everybody will have all their emails accounts on Office 365.

But in real world, companies might have to administrate email accounts on different Exchange servers. When firms are involved in acquisitions and mergers, administrators are left with email folders, contacts, calendars and notes separated on at least 2 versions of Exchange servers.

Why you need to keep two versions of Exchange servers?

Let’s take a common scenario: one big company, let’s call it Big Consulting company (BCC), bought one small company which offers the same kind of services – Small Consulting company (SCC). BCC is using Exchange 2010 SP1, however SCC was formed quite recently, so they are using Exchange 2013.

The companies agreed that only 50 from the total of 100 SCC employees will start working for BCC. The BCC’s IT administrators want to use only one Exchange server, to make sure they don’t need to maintain two servers. Therefore, they decided to create mailboxes for those 50 users that will be working for BCC.

The acquisition process will take at least one year. Until acquisition is completed, the employees of SCC will be still partially using the Exchange server of SCC.

BCC wants to start synchronizing at least the calendar appointments from the SCC mailboxes into new BCC ones. After one year, BCC will shut off the SCC Exchange server and all the SCC employees should start using the new created BCC mail accounts.

In other words, the newcomers from the SCC will be using one year partially both email accounts. Therefore, it will be very helpful to have those email accounts synchronized until the SCC original account Exchange 2013 is decommissioned.

How to synchronize two versions of Exchange servers?

Ideally, if you have two versions of Exchange servers, you merge them; better yet, you migrate them in cloud to Office 365. During the migration process of your Exchange accounts, Microsoft offers tools to sync calendars, folders, contacts, etc.

If migration is not possible, then there is only one real alternative CB Exchange Server Sync.

Connecting Software has developed CB Exchange Server Sync so you can sync automatically email folders, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes, within different Exchange accounts, domains or servers.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy is to sync different versions of Outlook mailboxes, hosted on different servers.

The CB Exchange Server Sync activation will take you minutes, and the configuration for multiple users on different Exchange Servers will not take much more time.

You can see our pricing and other information on our webpage. Or just contact us at to discuss the Exchange Server solutions that will make a real difference in your company.

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