Trello with SharePoint Tasks Synchronization Launched

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Bring a modern, simple and intuitive task management for SharePoint users. That was the aim of Trello with SharePoint Tasks Synchronization and we delivered what we promised.

Due to the complexity of SharePoint, managing tasks often end up being a burden. You have to do several clicks to achieve certain actions (e.g.: edit, update, change the status of certain task…) which you can do intuitively in Trello. Trello’s interface is more user friendly for task management. We wanted to bring this user friendly environment closer to SharePoint users and we were successful.

SharePoint Tasks List interface.

SharePoint tasks interface

Trello interface.

Trello interface

Magic behind

We decided to integrate SharePoint and Trello tasks management and here are the three components responsible for all the magic behind the curtains:

1. Trello with SharePoint Synchronization service
2. The Configuration Portal (GUI)
3. Connect Bridge service

Trello with SharePoint Synchronization service is the core of the application. This service handles synchronization process between Trello and SharePoint. The table below shows which properties are mapped and synchronized between them.

SharePoint taskTrello card
Card Name

StatusList Name

The synchronization service needs to be configured first.

Trello with SharePoint Configuration Portal

Followed by the mapping between the Trello Board and the SharePoint Tasks List.

Mapping process

Now, tasks can be managed either in Trello or in SharePoint, the choice is completely up to you. From this point on, all your tasks will be synchronized and saved in both target systems. This process is covered by Connect Bridge service.

Synchronization service through Connect Bridge service seeks periodically for inserted, updated and deleted items on Trello and SharePoint site. If a change occurs in any of the entities mentioned in the table above (title, body, due date, etc.) the synchronization service makes the appropriate actions (insert, update, delete) to synchronize those entities.

Benefits and key features

Bring the simplicity to your team. Look at the features of Trello with SharePoint integration:

• Synchronization of tasks
• Synchronization of tasks’ attachments
• Easy to configure
• Pairing of corresponding Trello boards and SharePoint Tasks lists
• One direction and bidirectional synchronization
• Custom configuration
• Simple & neat user interface

Moreover, Trello with SharePoint Tasks Synchronization comes in as a SaaS. Vision of a customer showing up on a webpage, making a simple checkout and starting to use the product right away, is exactly what customer wants and we like to make our customers more than satisfied.

Try it on your own

Get your SharePoint Tasks Lists and Trello Boards synced today by starting your Free Trial.

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