Dynamics CRM - Team Foundation Server integration
with Connect Bridge

Automatically export orders from Dynamics CRM to Team Foundation Server and start saving time

  • For any company working with Dynamics CRM and TFS or doing product development, there will come definitely time for integration between the two systems.
  • By integrating both systems different departments will be able to work in application of their choice, and still be able to easily collaborate: all information related to customer relationships and case management is synchronized bi-directionally between two systems: providing end-to-end traceability in software development.

Simplify application migration and integration projects with Connect Bridge integration platform, and cut your developing hours by 90%.

If you are looking for real-time and continuously updated information, Connect Bridge is your ultimate solution.

Connect Bridge makes it possible to access your files anytime, anywhere, deployed on your own server or on our SaaS, between more than 30+ different connectors.

integrationWith Connect Bridge you will stay in your own software development environment that you are familiar with, maintaining full control over data and user activity.
And most of all you will know that your data is secure.

  • Start in a matter of minutes
  • Stay in your programming language
  • Enjoy our free technical support

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