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Slide 1 Overall View Facility View Production Line View Device View Overview of your Business General log of Alerts & Reports Real-time Reporting Critical Alerts Have the overall picture of your Facilities, and see their status at the glance. All critical alerts, anomalies and issues are presented here, so your technicians can react and resolve fast. Have the global overall overview of your facilities, their performance, efficiency and output. There is a critical alert in Austria, click on the "Facility View" above to take a closer look... Slide 2 Overall View Facility View Production Line View Device View Better & faster Production Critical Issues & Alerts Your KPI at the glance See the status of each production line, while monitoring and analyzing them. Condition is visualized so you can detect problems immediately, decrease failures, reduce downtime. You can see Alerts and Issues for this Facility. Here we have the critical issue with the Production Line 5 At an individual factory level, KPI’s and alerts are summarized for this particular location. Slide 3 Overall View Facility View Production Line View Device View Production Line View Specific Alerts Specific Device Analysis At this level the specific production line is summarized, providing production data, machine run times and actual device data metrics. See all the issues on this specific production line. Critical alerts will enable you to see the problem and devices that are in critical state. We can see that this robotic arm on this line has the problem. Click on the "Device View" above to dig deeper, in order to see what's wrong. Slide 4 Overall View Facility View Production Line View Device View Device View Automate Support Processes Comprehensive Analytics At the device level, raw device data, performance and even predictive analytics can be displayed. Create support tickets/tasks in SharePoint or Exchange when issues occur. Trigger alarms to automatically notify owner/producer. Create automatized reports of device, machine, robot, PLC. Here the actual device metrics and values can be displayed in near real time. The device specific KPI’s, run times and remaining scheduled requirements are also displayed.

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