As the amount of information that flows through your company continues to increase, the challenge of managing it becomes more and more daunting. The ability for a company to quickly put it’s hands on the latest up to date information is seperating the successful companies from those who are falling behind.

Customers value companies that are well informed and able to readily provide accurate information when they need it. Companies that are able to meet this expectation will be the companies these customers will count on.

Orgo is designed to give your company a centralized hub where all the various pieces of information can be kept and accessed when needed. But even more that just a place to store data, Orgo gives your company an organized system that allows you to work with this information in the context that makes sense for the way you do business.

Since it’s inception, Orgo was designed to be a tool for the foodservice industry. We originally developed the system to meet the needs of a foodservice rep firm. But with our latest release Orgo welcomes foodservice manufacturers to the community. Providing a unique set of tools designed to help manufacturers and their rep firms communicate and share information effortlessly. With this latest release of the manufacturers version of Orgo is connecting companies with a powerful set of capabilities that are designed to help them be more successful.

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