What is CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce®?

Блок-цепь СВ for Salesforce® is the ready-to-use solution for Salesforce® that allows you to digitally seal the documents you store in Salesforce® используя blockchain technology. It is easy to deploy and use, as you install it directly into Salesforce.

Печать CB Blockchain для Salesforce® works with virtually any kind of document or file. You can apply the non-repudiable, timestamped blockchain seals to:

Офисные документы (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
PDF-файлы и другие документы
Счета-фактуры и квитанции
Контракты и зарплаты

Электронная почта
Данные о машинах или датчиках
Программный код
Цифровые процессы

Academic and school documents, like PhD or Master Thesis
Фотографии (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd и др.)
Музыка и видео (.mp3, .mp4, .ogg, .wmv, .mov)
CAD/CAM файлы или другие профессиональные планы

Для всех этих типов файлов, you can prove no one tampered with the document from time it was sealed. The fact that the blockchain seal is timestamped is essential, for example, to protect intellectual property.

Supported Versions

CB Blockchain Seal works for:

Salesforce Enterprise,

Salesforce Unlimited,

Salesforce Developer

SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and Online (Office 365)

Dracoon (online)

What can I do with CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce®?

Предотвращение фальсификации и мошенничества данными

Have documents ready for audits

Keep your business data compliance

How does CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce® work?

For the end-user, blockchain sealing is a single-click operation. In reality, a lot happens behind the scenes to make it that simple for the end-user. CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce® creates a hash from the Salesforce file. This hash is a digital fingerprint that is unique to the file and it is generated directly in the browser.

The hash is sent to CB Digital Port of Trust, which is integrated into this solution. CB Digital Port of Trust then sends the hash to one or more blockchains.


Оригинальные данные документа никогда не сохраняются в блок-цепочке, только хэш документа.

When you want to prove the document’s authenticity, a single-click verify operation is involved. The hash is recreated and verified in the blockchain. You can verify the file any time in the future. There is no time limitation for older files.


From the moment the hash is calculated, you can be sure no one will tamper with the original file without you knowing. However, the verification process can only provide full results once the hash is in the blockchain.


Does this integrate with Document Extractor built for Salesforce platform™?

1ТП14Т 1ТП15Т is our other successful SFDC product for document security and management. It is based on Microsoft SharePoint and has its own mechanism for document sealing. You should use that specific sealing mechanism within that solution.

Top 10 Benefits of CB Blockchain Seal for Salesforce®

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Having it right inside Salesforce makes it effortless for the end-user

Your Data Stays Secure

Нет конфиденциальных данных, передаваемых в блок-цепь - только цифровые отпечатки пальцев.

Regulation Compliance

Out-of-the-box compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, New York’s SHIELD act


Мы используем силу Блок-цепочки для вас без всяких хлопот с вашей стороны.


Using the super hash makes blockchain sealing efficient


Works well for sealing any number of files, so growth is not a problem

Environmentally Sound

Thousand times more ecological than other blockchain solutions


The security of knowing no one tampered with your documents for just 5 cents per file

Lighting experience

Optimized for the latest Salesforce Lightning experience

Immediate Availability

You can have it working in no time, as you don’t need any custom development

Использование сложных JOIN в SQL-запросах и полная поддержка агрегации данных

Легко настраивайте интеграцию в соответствии с вашими потребностями: Одна платформа, 100+ соединений, управление 100%

Do you think this might suit your organization? Let’s arrange for one of our team members to show you around on a brief web meeting and help you decide if Блок-цепь СВ for Salesforce® is a good fit.

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