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The CB Dynamics CRM – SharePoint Permissions Replicator secures our documents and I can recommend it to other companies

– Phil Cole, Group Business Systems Analyst & Project manager for CRM

Cliente: ICS Cool Energy
La sede centrale: Southampton, UK
Attività: Produzione
Applicazione del prodotto: CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

Editor’s note: This article was last updated on April 2021. The product mentioned below as CB Dynamics CRM – SharePoint Permissions Replicator was renamed in 2019 to CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

Informazioni su ICS Cool Energy

ICS Cool Energy è un'azienda specializzata nel controllo della temperatura con oltre 25 anni di esperienza internazionale. I suoi clienti spaziano dalle piccole imprese alle grandi marche internazionali. Offrono soluzioni insieme all'assistenza e al mantenimento dei requisiti di controllo della temperatura per i clienti in una vasta gamma di settori come quello alimentare, delle bevande, chimico, farmaceutico, sanitario, delle materie plastiche, della gomma, oltre a soluzioni HVAC per centri dati, sale server, fabbriche, impianti, alberghi e tempo libero.

ICS Cool Energy ha uffici nel Regno Unito, in Germania, Svizzera, Austria, Polonia, Italia, Francia e Paesi Bassi, oltre a rivenditori in 4 continenti.

La sfida

ICS Cool Energy uses Dynamics CRM online alongside Office 365 to create quotes for customers. These documents are all stored in SharePoint Online. Moreover, they utilize Dynamics CRM to register Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders and maintain their full price list within Dynamics CRM to speed up the pricing process.

ICS Cool Energy has 140 licensed Dynamics CRM users that store quote documents, together with any related documents used to build up their projects. Over time, the company found that more than 80,000 existing documents were not properly protected in SharePoint. These documents represent immense value for the company and there was an urgent need to protect them.

Phil Cole manages the CRM project at ICS Cool Energy. The CB Replicator was recommended to him by their CRM partner. He was surprised how well it replicated the full range of permissions within CRM into SharePoint.

La soluzione

ICS Cool Energy got in touch with their partner eBECS, a DXC Technology Company. eBECS is a leading Microsoft partner in the UK with vast experience in CRM and ERP systems. They recommend the CB Dynamics CRM - Replicatore di autorizzazioni SharePoint da Connecting Software per aiutare a risolvere la sfida.

Already during the trial period, they found that the software was stable and running smoothly. CB Replicator successfully fixed all the permissions so they decided to give it a go. Going forward, all records and new documents in the database of ICS Cool Energy are secured, protected, and safe.

Communication with Connecting Software was smooth, easy, and problem-free for ICS Cool Energy. All questions were easily and quickly solved by the Connecting Software support team, though this was rarely needed because of the high quality of the documentation. ICS Cool Energy also had a few Lync/Skype sessions with the support team, which were very helpful.

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