Sync Salesforce with Microsoft Exchange

Forget the old Salesforce For Outlook and move on to Lightning Outlook integrations by using a straightforward server-side solution. Synchronize or migrate Exchange data to Salesforce – messages, calendars, contacts, and more with CB Salesforce Exchange Sync.

The base for this solution is Connect Bridge (CB), the integration platform that traduce the ANSI standard SQL syntax into the llamadas API apropiadas. By having everything go through the API, you keep your Salesforce integrity secured.

By using SQL on your side, you get the ease of communicating with any target system via the standard SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Mover Dynamics CRM local a D365 Online

Bienvenido a la base de datos CB On-prem a la solución de sincronización de Salesforce. "CB" significa Connect Bridge. Una parte integral de la solución para sincronizar las bases de datos de las instalaciones con Salesforce.

Connect Bridge traduce el Sintaxis SQL estándar ANSI en el llamadas API apropiadas. Esto mantiene su integridad de Dynamics 365 asegurado.
Además, te ofrece la facilidad de comunicación con cualquier sistema de objetivo a través de las declaraciones estándar de SELECCIONAR, INSERTAR, ACTUALIZAR y BORRAR.

Por lo tanto, desde su sistema de gestión de base de datos local (DBMS) o cualquier base de datos...puedes... conectar con Salesforce y operar los datos en ella.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Organizations that are migrating information from one or more Exchange Servers to Salesforce either in a single shot or wave by wave
  • Multinational companies with an on-premises Exchange server in each country that want to log all email to Salesforce to ensure regulation compliance
  • Companies that want to create Leads and Contacts from the email they receive on a regular basis
  • Multi-brand or multi-channel organizations with a separate Exchange infrastructure per brand or channel that want to consolidate information in their one Salesforce Org.
  • Organizations that want to update the Salesforce Calendar with data from Outlook and Gmail easily, including creating CRM leads from external attendees to Calendar events
  • Support communities where calendars are part of the community


Connect to Salesforce and migrate or synchronize data from any number of Microsoft Exchange Servers

Apoya all desktop and mobile clients, like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Application (OWA), Outlook mobile, Mail OS X, Thunderbird

Works in nube environments
y en las instalaciones too

Full support of all custom
and fields

Maintenance of the process is centralizado and aislado

Mejorando el proceso by modifying the triggers is a breeze

Beneficios de la solución

No need to study the APIs or the documentation of Exchange or Salesforce

La integración funciona incluso si decide actualizar sus sistemas en el futuro

Your data integrity is safe and your existing software will keep working

Saves a lot of time and money – no need for an external IT company

There is finally a solution to connect all your Microsoft Exchange servers to Salesforce.
No matter how many Exchange servers you have. The wait is over.

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