¡Noticias emocionantes! Microsoft destaca el éxito de CB Exchange Server Sync en Canadá

¡Noticias emocionantes! Microsoft destaca el éxito de CB Exchange Server Sync en Canadá

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In today’s day and age, trusted partners are among the most important things for any business.

At Connecting Software, we are proud to be a Microsoft partner for many years now, and we are immensely proud to have been selected for the Microsoft Customer Stories page with nuestra historia de éxito.

Nuestro CB Exchange Server Sync is the key focus of this story. The story explains how Peace River Regional District used this software to synchronize email and calendars automatically and reliably.

This Canadian governmental agency in British Columbia needed a solution to transparently synchronize its Exchange mailbox calendars so that staff members wouldn’t miss appointments or double-book themselves.

Se enteraron de CB Exchange Server Sync through intensive googling and had everything up and running in only a couple of weeks. Ian Thieves, IT Coordinator at the Peace River Regional District, explains: “CB Exchange Server Sync was very easy to implement. The documentation provided is more than sufficient, and once the service is installed, it is very reliable.”

CB Exchange Server Sync works on the server side, and it can take care of synchronizing:

  • Correo Electrónico,
  • Calendars - incluyendo recordatorios, etiquetas y eventos recurrentes
  • Folders – you can synchronize your Inbox folder and also Sent Items, Drafts, subfolders… everything!
  • Contacts
  • Notas
  • Tareas

After you set up CB Exchange Server Sync and define the sync pairs defined, everything is automatic. As it is server-side, it works for as many Exchange accounts as you need, for different servers or domains, and also in different Exchange server versions.

This solution can be further enhanced by using add-ons such as CB Super Secure Exchange Server o Exchange / Outlook Content Censor.

Do you want to know how Peace River Regional District used CB Exchange Server Sync? Read the full story on the Microsoft Customer Stories page or download it aquí.

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