What is the Connect Bridge Connector SDK?

Connect Bridge Connector SDK provides a Connector API leveraged by a set of tools so that third parties can create their own custom connectors to integrate with CB Server. Connector API enables users to migrate a relational or non-relational data source to a SQL-based relational database.

To use the Connect Bridge Connector SDK you will need to use the C# programming language with .NET Framework 4.8 or .NET 6.0. and the Visual Studio environment.

What are connectors?

Simply put, they enable users to seamlessly connect to any data source and access data using Transact-SQL language.

How to create custom connectors?

A connector is modelled as a database around an API leveraged by a set of built-in operations and data structures that provides a way for users to manage data.


How to get started? Take your first steps




Connect through Standard Drivers

Access and transform data in several APIs, services and systems using SQL language

Enhance your API, service, or system capabilities with connector side processing

See any data source as a Database

Connectivity with a wide variety of data sources

Reduce dramatically the need to learn different technologies.

Work with an Integration Platform that offers the best combination of speed-to-market, lower cost and reduced risk.

Create out-of-the-box connectors to connect several services anywhere with our large ecosystem of connectors, reducing integration challenges.

And so much more. So talk with our experts today.

Who do we help?

If you develop standard or cloud software, you want to give your customers the assurance that integration with their existing software will not be an obstacle to their operations. With Connect Bridge integration platform, you can provide that assurance, allowing your customers to proceed confidently.

Connect Bridge Software Development Kit is perfect for ISVs, Systems Integrators freelance Developers & others needing an integration platform that is affordable, highly stable, customizable, scalable, and much more.



For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), ensuring that their applications can integrate seamlessly with third party solutions is imperative. Many ISVs have attempted to solve the integration challenge with hand-coded solutions, but increasingly customers are not prepared to accept the cost and time of additional IT development to integrate applications.

Working with an Integration Platform offers the best combination of speed-to-market, greater flexibility, lower cost, higher-quality, and reduced risk. Connect Bridge integration platform enables you to handle the complexities of integration, no matter whether the application is in the cloud or on premise. Our large ecosystem of pre-built connectors will allow you to handle a wide range of integration situations without any scalability issues.

As an ISV, you often have proprietary data that you would like customers to access through your application. You can expose access to any of your data through a custom connector.

Once created, your application will have the ability to connect to 300+ different third-party services.

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