When one outlook account is just not an option

  • Do you (or your employees) work from multiple Outlook email domains, and would like to seamlessly link them?
  • Do you get frustrated when calendar appointments from your Outlook email accounts are not in one place?
  • Are you looking for a solution for multi-workload migration?

    What is CB Exchange Server Sync?

    CB Exchange Server Sync is the solution for secure synchronization and migration of data between Exchange Servers. It enables easy synchronization of multiple Outlook accounts hosted in Exchange Server or Office 365. You can choose one-way or two-way synchronization of calendars, emails, tasks, contacts, and public folders.

    Fully customizable to your business needs, this solution supports seamless migration of your entire Exchange / Outlook model to Office365, or other Exchange version.

    Synchronization and migration with no limits


    Synchronization and migration of outlook accounts

    Your data are synced to the server, not in the client or device you use. For teams in various locations, the service ensures access to up-to-date information, at all times. For experienced IT admins – you'll be migrating the entire Exchange / Outlook model within one hour, with no effect on user settings or data, and zero downtime.

    Auto Mapping

    Auto Mapping enables synchronization of mailbox items in folders automatically. This is perfect for mailbox migration scenarios, for example, when you want one Exchange Server mailbox to mirror another mailbox on a different Exchange Server. Thanks to this feature you can map the folders automatically even in multiple languages (DE, ES, PT, etc). This makes the configuration process much easier.


    Post Processing

    Customize how the data of mailbox items shall be synchronized for one-way sync pairs. For example, to sync emails and “Subjects” from Mailbox A to Mailbox B. Mailbox A syncs inbox emails to Mailbox B. After the synchronization of the item occurs, the post processing feature will modify the subject of the item in Mailbox B and add the string “(REF: Mailbox A)” With this feature you can easily distinguish which item is original and which item is a replica.

    Fully customizable controls and features

    Easy-to-use graphical user interface enables you to configure the synchronization options, such as the synchronization period, items to synchronize and more. The synchronization process runs in parallel with Microsoft Exchange services in a non-blocking mode, thus it has no impact on the performance of Exchange Server.


    Security and no back-end access of your data

    Service runs as a Windows service using our Connect Bridge platform to securely connect to Exchange Server, performing all required operations. The platform utilizes APIs of target systems, never accessing back-end databases. Data integrity is ensured with secure, encrypted connections. User hierarchy and root user concept enforce privileges and configuration rights.

    Go beyond Exchange ActiveSync

    Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) lets you sync a mobile device with your Exchange mailbox covering email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Your data, however, is only synced on your device, not the Exchange Server. If these limited options fail to cover your needs, then server-side synchronization is the solution for you.


    Sync Hotmail, Outlook.com Accounts

    Are you using Hotmail or Outlook.com mailbox? Sync it with your Exchange Server or Office 365 Outlook mailbox. Since Hotmail, Outlook.com was bundled in to the Office 365 suite, you can use our service to sync your Outlook.com mailbox. Merge your personal Outlook account with your work or school account automatically. You’ll save time by seeing everything in one mailbox. Why not claim your free trial and try it out today?

    Why choose CB exchange server sync?

    24/7 Real-time Synchronization

    The service runs in the background. Run-time information and all sync operations are conveniently logged.

    Easy to setup & use

    Simply locate and configure Exchange Server and test connection. Then configure your sync pairs, items to sync and how often.

    Flexible Customization

    Service enables private items sync, restriction groups, subfolder synchronization, creating item pairs in batch, and more.

    Cloud or self-hosted

    Opt for our cloud service, after setup, the service runs. Self-hosted enables flexible on-premises deployment on your own cloud servers / virtual machines.

    On any client interface

    Visualize multiple client accounts (Outlook, Outlook for mobile, OWA, Mail OS X, Thunderbird) in one account.

    Covers all your sync needs

    Synchronizes any data from emails, contacts, calendars, attachments to notes and tasks, and public folders.

    Supported versions

    Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, Online
    Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, Online
    Office 365

    Choose your deployment option to start syncing


    Our Safe Cloud

    Use our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform



    Run it on premises or on your cloud servers/virtual machines


    Frequently asked questions

    What our customers say

    “I can make a change to one calendar, on one device and the change is made to all calendars on all devices immediately.”

    CMO at Chief Outsiders

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