Move to the cloud
Without worrying about losing your custom software integrations

Break barriers
Get data from a business system, like D365, and write back to it if you need

Get the power
Put that data in SQL Server Management Studio and work with as you wish

What can I do with CB Linked Server?

CB Linked Server has a wide array of applications. Here are some use cases and scenarios:

what can i do with cb linked server

How does it work?

CB Linked Server is an integration solution based on the Connect Bridge platform. If you think Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is a powerful tool, check out how using CB Linked Server makes it even more powerful!

Here is what you need to do, step by step:


Install the Connect Bridge Platform
Self-hosted, either on-premises or your virtual machine = you have full control

arrow left to right
arrow right to left


Configure Connect Bridge for your target system
This works for 400+ target systems = you have a lot to choose from


Create a Linked Server in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
You can do the configuration in a matter of minutes = you don't waste any time

arrow left to right


Type your SQL queries and use stored procedures
Use standard SQL statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) or the stored procedures provided instead of calls to the software API = you avoid studying the API documentation

Watch a live product demo

Watch a live product demo


connect to the target system you want

Connect to the Target System you want

We support a vast number of target systems, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP. There is no need to study the documentation for each system’s API. SQL language is enough for CB Linked Server.

choose one-way or two-way

Choose One-way or Two-ways

CB Linked Server for Applications gives you the ability to grab the data from your target application, let’s say Microsoft Dynamics 365. Even better, you can also write back to it! Yes, you can actually choose between one-way or two-ways!

fast deployment

Fast deployment

CB Linked Server can be set up and running in just a few moments. Integration of all the corporate data you need will be super quick. You’ll need to see it to believe how fast it is.

100% control

100% control

Finally, the power is in your hands! Once you have the data in Microsoft SQL Server, you can work with it as you desire: build cubes, analyze the data, connect to a legacy system, really whatever you want!

Who is this for?

CB Linked Server is perfect for those that focus on the data and use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

Database administrators
System and IT Administrators

ISVs and System Integrators
Business and Data Analysts

Software developers

Looking for this solution but without Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio? Then Connect Bridge is the answer.


easy to learn

Easy to Learn

SQL syntax knowledge is more than enough for the integration process. Use simple SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements for your integration needs.

use your team

Use Your Team

Handle all your business software integrations in-house, with your current team. They can quickly become integration heroes with Connect Bridge.

keep your data secure

Keep Your Data Secure

You visualize all entities as database tables, but what you see is not the actual database. This approach protects your data and respects all your existing business and security principles.



CB Linked Server is self-hosted

You can choose to have it either on-premises or on a virtual machine.


You can use Connect Bridge’s database-style connection to connect to virtually any packaged software using its wide array of connectors. We have 400+ connectors available, which means you can connect to 400+ target systems. Popular choices include Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce and SAP, but many, many more connectors are at your disposal.



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Ready to Take Control?

Ready to Take Control?

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