Exchange Security Solution Scenario

John is a high level manager having many important meetings. His all-important Outlook calendar resides on the company's internal Exchange Server. Last minute, after hours changes are common. However, due to security reasons, he can't access his mailbox & calendar from outside. This has been causing serious scheduling issues and time lost. This solution brings the flexibility they need, but ensures highest security. Here's how.

Solution is suitable mainly for organizations that have 2 or more Exchange Servers in which one of them is behind a “Gateway / Firewall” and cannot expose mailbox items to the outside world

Solution Benefits


Isolation of environments. By not exposing your Corporate Exchange Server to the outside world, you're dramatically reducing susceptibility to malicious attacks.

Validation Rules

Messages passing by the Gateway are structured / formatted in table format ( rows, columns). It is simple to create rules to validate content.


As your business and new data protection regulations evolve, it is simple and fast to adhere with those in a centralized place (Gateway).

No direct calls

No “direct” EWS calls from one network to another

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