NO need to learn or use APIs

Simple and Powerful

Connect Bridge translates the ANSI standard SQL syntax into the appropriate API calls, keeping your target system integrity secured while offering you the ease of communicating with any target system via the standard SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

Use 4 simple commands :

The Connect Bridge Platform

Connect Bridge has been recognized as the most user-friendly integration platform on the market. It allows developers to securely connect to a wide range of business software via their APIs, without the need to learn their documentation.


Easy & fast integration of nearly any software

No need to gain expertise in the target system thanks to more than 30 pre-made connectors. Decrease coding efforts byup to  90% with our pre-tested solution.

Drive productivity from day one

Connect Bridge can be mastered within 2 hours. Pricing models are available starting at $2 per day allowing volume discounts for ISVs. Guaranteed ROI on your first project.

Stay in your own environment

Connect Bridge adheres to the ANSI standards for the most spoken language – SQL. Use your programming language and SQL syntax skills. Communicate with any target system using only 4 statements.

Active support and regular updates

We stay up to speed with our partners and regularly improve our software. Our team can fix critical issues in a matter of minutes allowing you to focus on your business.

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Available Connectors

Connect to these target systems from any application written in any programming language.





OData Connectors

CB OData Excel Connector

Available Connectors

Connect to these target systems from any application written in any programming language.

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Microsoft Partner 2015 Finalist IT Europa awards
Finalist spot in the 2018 IAMCP P2P Awards
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