Sync on-premises Databases and Solutions with Salesforce

Here is a Connect Bridge-based solution for integrating on-premises software and databases with Salesforce.

Connect Bridge converts the ANSI standard SQL syntax into the appropriate Salesforce API calls, ensuring the integrity of your Salesforce data remains uncompromised. It facilitates smooth communication with any target system using the standard SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Consequently, from your local database management system (DBMS) or any other local software, even legacy systems, you can seamlessly connect to Salesforce and manage data to or from it.


Solution Benefits


Connect to Salesforce and operate data into it from any database/client application


Maintenance of the process
is centralized and isolated


Enhancing the process by modifying
the triggers is a breeze


There is no need to learn any
new technology / programming language


No need to study the APIs or the documentation of the target systems

100% control. Easily adjust the integration to your needs

Integration works even if you decide to update your systems in future

Protects your data and databases

No need for external IT company

Saves a lot of time and money