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CB Mobile Integration Toolkit

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit is an offline mobile client that enables you to easily access and control nearly any target system you like, with no need to study or learn their documentation. We take care of the information and integration logic, and you can focus on making your solution.

You can access accounts, contacts, activities, leads, quotes, cases and opportunities wherever you are. You have the control even without internet connection, while your work is seamlessly synchronized live and bidirectional.

Thanks to this application, Connecting Software was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 Finalist Award for Windows 8 Custom App Development.

Two-time, Award-winning Mobile Solution Based on the
CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit

Both Atos and Connecting Software were awarded the Microsoft Partner of the year Finalist Award
for creating a solution based on our ultimate integration tool.

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Extremely Flexible and Easily Customizable

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit empowers you to access diverse data from any target system, on the go.

Our product is built on ultimate technology, yet highly flexible and easy to customize. Based on the Connect Bridge integration platform, CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit can retrieve any data from all target systems you need, and enables you to easily manage, customize and, most importantly – make your business applications.

Our solutions offer easy and fast integration of other line-of-business systems like SharePoint, Exchange, SalesForce, SugarCRM, any version of Dynamics and many others.

CB Mobile Integration Toolkit

Powerful Features to Match Your Work Challenges

Build without Limitations

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit is a revolutionary tool that will provide real-time access to all your important Dynamics CRM information. Extract information from target systems and combine them with the features that our tool offers. All of that without accessing the backend database of your target system. Benefit from full control and an endless amount of possibilities to create your ideal application.

CB Mobile Integration Toolkit customize easily

Any Platform. Any Programming Language.




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Connecting Software can deliver individual solutions based on your specific needs.
We can also deliver mobile apps or system integration solutions for any of the 30+ LOBs.