Connecting Software in the Media

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The Portugal News

June 13, 2020

While economy is shrinking worldwide, some companies seem not to feel the crisis. In Madeira, where the absence of tourism due to COVID-19 led to thousands of lay-offs, one IT producer is bucking the trend.

Enterprise Security Magazine

May 1, 2020

Connecting Software won Top Blockchain Solution Provider 2020 with its product CB Digital Seal for SharePoint that uses Blockchain to seal documents and files.  With this seal companies guarantee there is no tampering from the time of creation to utilization.

Diário de Notícias da Madeira

November 27, 2020

The year 2020 gave Diogo, Pedro and André the chance to move to this paradise island and embrace a new professional challenge at Connecting Software, an international IT company that is growing in Madeira.

Económico Madeira

January 14, 2021

Being a software company has its pluses, as you can develop the tools that address these challenges you face. In our case, we picked up Blockchain and used it to prove documents’ and processes’ authenticity.

Jornal Económico PT

January 3, 2020

Connecting Software is pushing document authentication using blockchain technology and the use of the Internet of Things to connect the business software and the industrial world. They aim to transform Madeira into a “Silicon Island”.

Vida Económica

July 12, 2019

With four offices spread over two continents and 40 professional Connecting Software is an B2B oriented company that operates globally in the segment of software integration, that is, the connection between various elements of software.

Vida Ecomómica

December 18, 2020

“We need new talent to keep delivering world-class software and connecting with top clients all over the world”. The customer portfolio is, in fact, widely spread across the globe, with more than a thousand clients in one hundred countries around the world. 


If you’d like to get in touch with Connecting Software for a story or event, please send us a message.