Connecting Software Launches Outlook Content Censor, an Innovative Solution to Secure Internal Data

Connecting Software Launches Outlook Content Censor, an Innovative Solution to Secure Internal Data

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Connecting Software, a technological innovator providing integration, synchronization and productivity solutions, announced the launch of the Outlook Content Censor with the purpose of protecting internal content and communications. This feature represents a large step towards greater data security for both companies and users alike.

Outlook Content Censor is a powerful add-on feature of the innovative CB Exchange Server Sync, a product for self-hosted deployment. The new innovation aims to protect company’s exchange environments and prevent data breaches, while securely enabling external access to limited internal mailbox data. It also enables safe synchronization of items across servers and domains.

The solution was developed for any company with two Microsoft Exchange Servers: one internal-only and one for external access. The set-up requires a company admin to synchronize employee internal mailbox with employee external mailbox that is located in two different servers. Once the add-on is installed, the admin can set any filter, such as maximum characters or the removal of attachments. Employees retain access to the data without any sensitive information leaving the internal server. However, the level of visibility of the data can be controlled through the censor setting. For example, if the original email contains an appointment with attachment and confidential information, the amended email is viewed with attachments removed and the text body configured to display only 30 characters.

The feature is extremely impactful for sectors dealing with sensitive information. Particularly in banking, the traditional policy is that no internal email or calendar item can be accessed from a personal device. That’s almost impossible to manage for people with high-level appointments, subject to last-minute changes. They need to get their notifications even when outside of the network. Connecting Software developed Outlook Content Censor to allow them to do that without endangering the data of their company. They get freedom and flexibility and their employers don’t need to worry about data security.

“We want managers and administrators to think about data security preventively. Due to its power, Outlook Content Censor is likely to become a widely popular measure that could set a new standard for data security in the industry”, said Thomas Berndorfer, the Founder and CEO at Connecting Software. Allowing employees to access their data from outside the local network, while disregarding any breaches, is a win-win for both employees and employers.