Enhanced Document Management for Salesforce: version control, file collaboration and sharing available even with externals
Move documents to external file storage in SharePoint and get significant savings on Salesforce File Storage
Integrated into the Files component, with no changes in UX and support for standard & custom objects
Document Extractor can handle large volumes of documents without any Salesforce performance degradation


Document Extractor built for the Salesforce platform™

Document Extractor built for Salesforce platform

Do you want to improve your Salesforce document management? The soundest way to do it and optimize Salesforce storage is actually to move the documents to SharePoint.

You can use Document Extractor to move all your Salesforce documents automatically and in real-time to SharePoint online or on-premises. You will enjoy all the document management abilities of SharePoint while keeping the easy access through Salesforce.

All that without using iframes – which means it won’t affect the performance of your Salesforce org!

Envoys Group
Nord Anglia



You can configure SharePoint to Salesforce synchronization to customizable date ranges

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Free, no credit card required, up to 15 days

Top Rated in Salesforce AppExchange

Lot of little functionalities to allow you to merge your current structure and allow some flexibilities. Great product!
Francois Allard
The prospect of expensive and slow external development was removed when we were introduced to Connecting Software. It's great value for money.
Alexander Rennie
The interface is great - web based - and ultimately I enjoyed the fact that the team was constantly supporting me - there's no price to customer centric approach.
Peter Osbourne

    Real USE cases


    Not everyone can say they have 40 years of experience in the IT industry bringing solutions to both the private and public sectors. But Chris Lynch can!

    “When we first found Document Extractor, we thought that if it did what it said on the tin, it would tick all our boxes. And it did: just basic configuration, and it worked first time!”

    Chris Lynch,
    Director of Chris Lynch IT Consulting

    Read Chris Lynch’s success story

    Company Profile

    Activity: Governmental organization

    Users: 150 + 2000 Community Users

    Size: 320 employees

    msu success story

    The National Lottery Heritage Fund is the UK’s largest dedicated heritage funder. They distribute National Lottery grants from £10,000 to £10 million to fund projects that sustain and transform the UK’s heritage. They are also major advocates for the value of heritage.

    “The Connecting Software solution seemed more cost-effective to us. We had more control.”

    Tim Isaacs,
    Technical Project Manager

    Read National Lottery Heritage`s success story


    Dorman Products, Inc. supplies innovative repair solutions for the automotive aftermarket. Established in 1918 and headquartered in Colmar, Pennsylvania...

    “Document Extractor is such a tool our salespeople didn’t know they needed, and now that they have it they can’t live without it’”

    Andrea Getty,
    Senior Systems Analyst at Dorman Products, Inc.

    Read Dorman’s success story

    Company Profile

    Activity: Supplier for the automotive aftermarket

    Users: 265

    Size: 2,370 employees

    msu success story

    Michigan State University (MSU), located in East Lansing, Michigan, is a leading public research university in the United States. Established in 1855 as the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, MSU has a rich history and offers extensive academic and research programs.

    “Salesforce storage is incredibly expensive. Having Document Extractor as an alternative to what those fees might be… You can’t really put a price tag on that!”

    Andrew DeGarmo,
    Director of CRM at MSU.

    Read MSU success story

    Company Profile

    Activity: Higher Education

    Users: 400+

    Store your Salesforce
    documents in a smarter way

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    Free, no credit card required, up to 15 days

    how does it work?

    Document Extractor monitors documents related to Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, contracts, orders, assets, and email messages ,and creates the appropriate folder structure in SharePoint.

    After you upload a file to Salesforce, it is detected by the service running in the background, which uploads a copy of the uploaded file in SharePoint. Next, a link file pointing to that SharePoint location is created in Salesforce. The original file in Salesforce is deleted.

    The same thing happens to existing files at time of installation. They are transferred to SharePoint and a link is left in their place in Salesforce. If you do not want transfer all existing files, you can specify a date and only transfer the files created after that date.

    video document extractor

    supported versions

    • Salesforce
      • Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer
      • Classic and Lightning Experience
    • SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019, SharePoint Online
    • Office 365


    Document Extractor is also compatible with Lightning File Explorer to view the files hierarchy associated with a Salesforce record.


    No user interaction required
    Fully automated, requiring no adjustment to workflows or training
    Highly reliable
    Proven track record of uptime and enterprise-level security
    Save on SharePoint Licenses
    Access documents stored in SharePoint without individual SharePoint licenses
    Full Control over Location
    Know file locations for compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations
    Document extractor
    The ready-to-use solution for Salesforce that allows you to digitally seal the documents you store in Salesforce using Blockchain technology. It is easy to deploy and use, as you install it directly into Salesforce.



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