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How it works

Service ensures live transfer of all attachments uploaded to Dynamics 365 to your document management system. Configuration allows for multiple external file storage choices: SharePoint, Azure File Storage, Azure Blob Storage, etc.

User experience is unaffected. And the service actions are transparent.

Plus, documents remain accessible to users who have access to the respective record in Dynamics 365, without any modification of their workflows. Any changes to the Dynamics 365 files are projected to the configured external file storage, on-the-fly.

CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor

The “First Pass” Service: Move everything at once

The optional “First Pass” service is a Windows service that will iterate through all existing Dynamics 365 files prior to deploying CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor. It triggers moving of files to the configured external file storage. Also, you can configure the service to create a complete backup of files in the local file system of the machine running the service. You need only run the first pass service once, on first deployment.


Decrease Dynamics 365 data storage costs
Optimize your CRM, email attachment & document workflows
Improve document management & accessibility across your organization
Run in tandem with Dynamics 365 – SharePoint Permissions Replicator for highest security


Fully transparent & automated
With no effect on end users or workflows. Everything the service moves is visible to user and logged. No actions required to trigger the service after setup. Concentrate on your work and let the service run.
connecting software
Service monitors attachment, document related activities in Dynamics 365. When any changes are performed on a file it will project those changes to the file in the configured external file storage.
CB Dynamics 365
Covers all operations
Supports all standard activity entities, e.g. Email, Task, Fax etc. Plus, it supports Notes (Annotation entity) to any entity able to contain annotation, and any custom entities using Annotation or ActivityMimeAttachment.
Covers all operations
No middle service
Service is reading/writing files directly from Dynamics 365 to/from configured external file storage. Documents do not flow through any component or middle service.
No middle service

Move attachments & email content from Dynamics 365 Online to

SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and Online

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