Challenges in the IT world

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Connecting Software has four offices around the world, one of them in Madeira. It is one of the companies experiencing lack of human resources and a strong salary pressure resulting from operating in a global market. The biggest shortage felt by the company has been of programmers.

The good news according to the CEO: if you have an Information Technology (IT) background there is “a lot of money and secure jobs available”. The CEO of Connecting Software, Thomas Berndorfer. Connecting Software's CEO also confirms that “there is always a high pressure on wages”, given the company competes in a global market.

“Most IT specialists earn more than general managers of small and medium companies. Again - send your kids to IT and they will always have a job”, Thomas Berndorfer says.

As a way of securing professionals and attracting personnel, Thomas Berndorfer mentions that it was necessary to “create jobs outside Madeira, from home”. “Additionally, we are now hiring people who need Tech Visas. In our case, we hired Russians who did not want to stay in Russia due to the political situation. There we found very good people with a good background”, adds the CEO.

Thomas Berndorfer mentions that the greatest shortage has been of programmers, stressing this “is a global shortage”. But there's more. The CEO of Connecting Software underlines that the company lacks technical profiles such as: Solution Architects and salespeople, or marketing specialists with technical skills in the IT area.