Austrian Support for The Canadian Public And Private Sector

Austrian Support for The Canadian Public And Private Sector

Advantage Austria

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Connecting Software is proud to support the delivery of Mission-Critical Software Products to the Public and Private Sector in Canada.

With their Canadian partner Orangutech, Connecting Software has helped to improve business processes and document security across numerous departments and ministries of the Government of Canada.

When the Government of Canada rolled our departmental Case Management Systems (GCcase) using Microsoft Dynamics 365, it was necessary to address the need to safeguard sensitive data housed in document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Connecting Software facilitates the synchronization of security rights between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint by applying their Connect Bridge Permission Replicator software. This software solution ensures that user security permissions are replicated across both systems, but denies users the access to sensitive information that they are not permitted to see.

Canadian Government institutions who have selected Connecting Software include the Department of Justice, the House of Commons, and Elections Canada.

Connecting Software is a provider of integration, synchronization and productivity software solutions, headquartered in Vienna with regional offices in the United States, Slovakia, and Portugal. A global partner network is set up to assist clients around the world to implement effective methods that ensure that their systems are secure and their end users will work effectively.