Austrian Company - Connecting Software Was Contracted By Stora Enso Oyj

Austrian Company - Connecting Software Was Contracted By Stora Enso Oyj

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The oldest limited liability company in the world chooses Austrian Software

Stora Enso Oyj is a well-known company not only in Finland but also beyond. What is most exiting about them is not that Stora Enso Oyj is one of the paper and packaging leaders in the world but the fact that they are probably the oldest limited liability companies on this planet: having the oldest known preserved share certificate, issued in 1288.

One of the longevity secrets of Stora Enso Oyj is that they opt for state-of-the-art solutions when it comes to their business processes. Searching for the best, they have contracted an Austrian IT company Connecting Software to provide a solution for the integration between Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. The issue was that privileges and permissions between the two systems missed synchronisation. So whatever sensitive data like contract values, salaries, signatures restricted in the Dynamics CRM could go unguarded in SharePoint. With the Connecting Software’s solution, the information has become secured ensuring the integrity of business and protection against potential GDPR violations.

Connecting Software is a producer of integration and synchronisation solutions and an innovator in the area of the Industrial Internet of Things. The company holds multiple Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies and in 2015 received Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist Award.

The IT producer has also created Connect Bridge - a platform for software integration, making it easy, fast and painless for any developer. Now, any developer from any technology can learn to work with Connect Bridge within 2 hours. Since the introduction of the platform, Connecting Software has launched more than 30 products which currently solve software integration challenges for clients all over the world. It has the headquarters in Vienna and offices in Slovakia, Portugal and the USA.