“Connecting software” is a high major stake in Madeira

“Connecting software” is staking high in Madeira

International enterprise has 12 experts in the area

Patrícia Gaspar - JM

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Another international company is betting on Madeira, through the International Business Center. 'Connecting Software' operates in the software interaction segment and reckon on services of 12 professionals in the Region.

When Thomas Berndorfer, an Austrian-German businessman, chose Madeira to live, he had no plans to invest, but within a few months, he came into contact with "highly motivated programmers, good professionals", which, together with "favorable economic and political factors", quickly made him change his mind. In 2017, he launched the Connecting Software development center in Madeira, and since then, he has been investing in the growth of his team, currently being recruited in the regional and international market, minded to attracting international specialists to Madeira in the sector. The company has four offices on two continents - in Vienna, its headquarters, in Slovakia and the United States of America - and employs 40 professionals, 12 of which are in Madeira. The software interaction segment, oriented towards a so-called Internet of Things (IIoT) Industry, is its niche market.

Connecting Software is recruiting in the regional and international market.

The majority of this company's customers are government entities, large and small companies with integrated systems. Among them, the Parliament of Canada or departments of countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, and the USA, in addition to large companies and brands such as Securitas, Compass Group, 21st Century Fox, Henkel , E. ON or Hitachi. In Madeira, according to the CEO of `Connecting Software ', the strong integration with the University of Madeira (UMA), with the governments of Madeira and the Republic, altogether with the existence of the International Business Center of Madeira are important competitive factors for development on an international scale.



The elite company has offices in Vienna, Slovakia, and the US. Canada's parliament is one of its clients.

Simultaneously with Slovakia, the Madeira team is creating integration and synchronization solutions for a variety of sectors and businesses, and one of the latest products is a connector between production machines in a factory and standard business systems. It is, according to Thomas Berndorfer, the "only solution in the world that allows business machines and systems to speak the same language, accessible on any computer" . It is precisely this ability to link industrial solutions with business solutions through the same methodology, increasing productivity, that makes 'Connecting Software' one of the top companies in Europe in this area. "We connect software, more easily, faster, and in a more cost-effective way than the existing tools today and with that, we help companies to be successful in the challenges of digitalization and in an online world", explains the businessman.