Connecting Software is proud to present the success story of our partner ATOS together with Connect Bridge technology.

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Two finalists for Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 award cooperate to provide the highest quality solutions and applications.

Atos’ Epidemic and Outbreak Management solution works perfectly in any life threatening situation. The steady and clear flow of data is imperative in these situations as chaos is the nemesis of every management solution and scenario. The clear flow of data gives to every doctor life-saving information that can possibly suppress the outbreak of an epidemic.

The excellence of ATOS’ Epidemic and Outbreak Management Solution has been proven, as ATOS was a 2015 finalist for the Microsoft Partner of the year awards in the category: Public Sector: CityNext. Connecting Software and ATOS collaborated on this project and shared in the success.

Connecting Software’s award-winning solution played a key role in ATOS’ success as ATOS created a custom application for the city of Vienna based on our CB mobile CRM App.

The application simplifies the vaccination process by the usage of QR code, or pictures of symptoms can be taken and these are instantly recorded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This gives a considerable advantage to doctors and those people working to suppress the outbreak of a potential crisis.

Connecting Software’s revolutionary mobile app provides real-time access to all your important Dynamics CRM information, moreover, your data are constantly updated and this ensure their relevance and quality. This proves to be extremely handy in a variety of situations (from life threatening situations to business decisions). The application can be easily connected with Dynamics NAV, SharePoint or Exchange.

If you want to see our CB Mobile CRM application and not only read about it, the application can be seen in its full beauty here. In case that you are curious about Connecting Software and would like to know more about our revolutionary products, please do visit our website.

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