Ensure trust in your data from clients, partners, and regulators

Data compliance and document storage are increasingly expensive and complicated for companies across the globe (regulations: HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, ISO 9000, etc.; routine audit).

Many organizations look for a solution to prove the integrity and authenticity of documents and processes, ensuring trust to their business, in a fast and cost-effective way – unlike traditional methods which are slow and manual, demanding a lot of resources and interrupting the workflow.

CB Blockchain Seal is an up-to-date solution to the issues of data compliance, storage and auditability.

Blockchain is a trusted technology for data protection and verification: decentralized & distributed, encrypted, tamper-resistant – recommended for fraud prevention and highly regulated industries

Our add-on allows working from a familiar environment like SharePoint, your CRM, or solutions like Document Extractor and sealing documents for audit or proof of data integrity and authenticity with one click

Original customer data is never stored in the blockchain, only its hash.
This guarantees regulation compliance and provides the highest possible security, efficiency, and ease of implementation.

Blockchain Sealing Step-by-step

For our blockchain sealing solutions, we use certified and patent-pending technology that enables you to verify the integrity and authenticity of digital assets up to one million documents per second, at a 100x lower cost than typical public blockchain transactions.

Step 1: Seal Data

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Step 2: Verify Data

how it works blockchain verifydata

In the CRM, DMS or ERP system you click the document that needs to be sealed. The add-on creates a hash. A unique seal is created and associated with the document. It proves that the document had a certain look and content at the moment of sealing.

When the document’s authenticity needs to be proved, the hash is recreated and verified in the blockchain.

This works with virtually any kind of document or file:

Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
PDFs and other Documents
Invoices and receipts
Contracts and paychecks

Machine or sensor data
Software code
Digital processes

Academic documents, like PhD or Master Thesis
Pictures (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd and others)
Music & video (.mp3, .mp4, .ogg, .wmv, .mov)
CAD/CAM files or other professional plans

For all these types of files you can prove the document was not tampered from a certain moment onwards. The fact that the seal is timestamped is very important, for example, to protect intellectual property.

This technology has many advantages:


Fast and easy

You don’t need to learn any other software or have blockchain knowledge. You continue to work in your familiar CRM, ERP, or DMS. Our solution does the rest for you!

environmentally sound cb digital seal

Environmentally sound

The state-of-the-art design and architecture of our technology make CB Blockchain Seal a thousand times more ecological than other blockchain solutions.

trusted reliable blockchain

Trusted and reliable

The nature of blockchain prevents data tampering and ensures trust in the documents that are seal-protected.

cost effective blockchain


The unique blockchain solution provided by our partner Cryptowerk is proven and certified, allowing to decrease existing costs in data compliance process and accelerate sealing process of documents.


Security guaranteed

The document hash can be written into one or multiple blockchains – at your choice. The technology also allows to change the blockchain network in the future or switch to completely new technology.

gdpr other data protection blockchain

GDPR and other data protection regulation compliant

The document doesn’t leave your system – only its hash. Data authenticity is proven by thousands of computers around the world.

Best of all: you don’t need to invest any resources into learning and creating blockchain apps. We leverage this technology for you If you want to seal documents within SharePoint, you can use CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint. With our powerful Connect Bridge integration platform and 400+ connectors for different applications, we can build Digital Sealing into any of your business systems. All you do is enjoy the advantages of the trusted protection technology via a new feature in your business apps.

Talk to us, and we will show you how to use the advantages of blockchain document sealing for your business success right now.

Watch a live product demo

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Use Cases

Do you have regular audits?

Financial audits: Auditors need to know that financial statements and audit evidence such as invoices, receipts, and other documents are prepared in all material respect and are authentic, not falsified.

Individual or corporate tax audits through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for public companies

Compliance audits: Compliance with data handling and protection regulation is one of the most complicated parts in Governance, Risk management, and Compliance procedures.

ISO standards: such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 or ISO 22000

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)


Companies used to prove the authenticity of documents and processes with traditional certificates of authenticity or digital certificates.

BUT typical audit and data compliance efforts are:

Slow, and often manual

Costly and resource-intensive

Interrupting the workflow

Now, you can reach data compliance and speed-up digital transformation in any of your CRM, ERP, DMS systems - easily with one click via our new add-on. Seal hundreds of invoices or other audit evidence with blockchain technology which proves data integrity and authenticity for a fraction of the cost compared to regular certificates and other blockchain technologies.

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