What is Dracoon?

Dracoon is a trusted market leader in Enterprise File Services for German-speaking countries. The Dracoon platform enables companies to store, manage, and share data digitally in a way that is highly secure. With Dracoon, you always have access to the latest version of your files, and you can easily collaborate in real-time with teammates, customers and prospects in a secure way.

To make it simple, you can think of it as a secure Google Drive or Dropbox alternative. Moreover, having files stored in Europe (Germany) following the highest security guidelines is a strong plus point for compliance with GDPR (DSGVO).

What is the Dracoon Connector?

The Dracoon connector allows you to achieve the integration between Dracoon and other software quickly. Together with our pre-tested integration platform, this connector will allow you to have all the flexibility and power of custom development while decreasing your integration coding efforts by up to 90%.

Who is the Dracoon connector for? 

If you use (or plan to use) Dracoon in your company, then the Dracoon connector is for you! Here are some use cases:

  • My company is looking for secure external storage for our CRM or ERP documents. We are considering Dracoon, and we want the documents to move between the CRM and Dracoon automatically and seamlessly.
  • My company was considering migrating from Dropbox to Google Drive but then chose Dracoon over Google Drive for security reasons. We would like a way to make the migration smooth and with no downtime for the end-users.
  • My organization or some of its users work with other file services like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. We would like to migrate to Dracoon. To make the migration smooth, we plan to keep all of the current storage services during a transition period.
  • My company is considering starting with Dracoon. We would like it to integrate with software our users already use daily to make user adoption faster.
  • As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or software producer, I would like to quickly add the option of having my software work together with Dracoon, enlarging its functionality with a Dracoon integration.
  • As a consultant, I would like to offer my customers an integrated solution, including Dracoon as a storage option.

Connect to Dracoon and much more

You can combine the Dracoon connector with hundreds of other connectors for business software. Connect from any software, including legacy software to one or many target systems.

Just to name a few of the most popular integrations, you can implement:

Dracoon + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dracoon + Salesforce

Dracoon + Microsoft Exchange

Dracoon + Dropbox

Dracoon + Google Drive

You can also integrate Dracoon with multiple systems at the same time, implementing, for example, any of the following;

Dracoon + Salesforce + Google Drive

Dracoon + Dynamics 365 + Google Drive

Dracoon + Dropbox + Office 365

Dracoon + Dropbox + OneDrive

Dracoon + Google + Dropbox

How does it work? 

The Connect Bridge integration platform is the base for integrating anything with Dracoon. You can integrate both on-premises and cloud-based software. You can even go as far as integrating with machines and their reports. All you need is the platform and the Dracoon connector.

Connect Bridge translates the ANSI standard SQL syntax into the appropriate API calls. This is why you will be able to reduce your coding efforts: it is much easier for the developers to communicate with any target system via standard SQL, using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

The Connect Bridge platform is a proven solution that has been used for many different types of integration projects since 2011. Connect Bridge is also the base for Connecting Software’s market-leader products, which have 1000+ installations worldwide.

This is a powerful and flexible solution that you can use in many different ways. If you want to integrate different pieces of software, then Connect Bridge is for you!

Solution Benefits

Operate data from any client software


Connect to the Dracoon file service and get data from or into it 

centralized maintenance of the integration

Centralized maintenance

Any future changes to the integration are done in one single place

Easily modify the queries or the triggers

100% control

You can adjust the integration with your own team – just modify the queries or the triggers

No need to learn a new programming language

Fast to implement

No need to study lengthy documentation or learn new programming languages


100% control

No need for an external IT company to adjust the integration to your needs


Integration works even if you decide to update your systems in future

Keep your data safe

No direct access, data integrity is not in danger

Save time and money 

Less code means less time coding and time debugging too


Blockchain Sealing

If you want to go the extra mile in terms of security, you can add blockchain technology to your Dracoon solution using CB Blockchain Seal. With it, you can prove the integrity and authenticity of your documents, ensuring trust from clients, partners, and regulators.

It is an excellent combination for your Dracoon connector – security and trust going hand in hand!