A Powerful New Way to Integrate with Box

A Powerful New Way to Integrate with Box

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We're excited to announce a brand-new way to integrate with Box, a leading file storage and cloud content management platform! The integration uses an integration platform, Connect Bridge, instead of the Box REST API/Box SDK, simplifying building and maintaining the integration and allowing you to leverage Box's full potential within your existing applications.

Integration to Unlock the Potential of Box

The Box integration using Connect Bridge and its Box connector provides robust and future-proof connectivity. Here's what you gain:

  • Enhanced collaboration: Effortlessly access Box files from your applications, eliminating manual download/upload processes and streamlining workflows.
  • Increased efficiency: Save time and resources by automating tasks in your integration code, eliminating the need for manual interaction with Box.
  • Effortlessly future-proof: Using Connect Bridge ensures that once the integration is done, you will not need to maintain it. When a new version of Box is released, the connector will be updated to ensure no adjustments in your code are needed.

Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to experience the benefits of our new Box integration? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Box App:
  • Head over to the Box Developer Console (https://developer.box.com/).
  • Sign up for a developer account if you haven't already.
  • Once logged in, navigate to "Create New App"
  • Choose "Custom App" and fill in the required details.
  • Select "OAuth 2.0" as the authentication method.
Box - Create New App - select OAuth 2.0 as the authentication method
  1. Configure the Box Connector:
  • Within Connect Bridge Management Studio, locate the Accounts section.
  • Select the Box connector and assign a descriptive name to your account for this connector.
  • Click the "Authentication Wizard" button.
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained during Box App creation.
  • Leave the "Scope" field empty for full application access.
  • Click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions to grant permission for your application to access Box data
  1. Connect to Box:
  • Once your connector is set up, you can start using it by creating your integrations using the programming language of your choice. Popular choices are C# and Python, but any programming language that allows interaction with a database through ODBC, JDBC, or Webservices is a valid choice.
  • You can integrate from a brand-new solution or from an existing solution to which you have source code access.
  • You can get data to and from Box by calling predefined stored procedures. Connect Bridge translates those calls into API calls. This allows developers to operate within their area of expertise, coding in a familiar language, while Connect Bridge manages the interaction with Box. Check the Box Connector reference guide for the available stored procedures.

Ready to Explore Further?

This new integration opens a world of possibilities for streamlining the way your organization works with Box. We're confident it will empower your users to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. If you want to see all this in action or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help!

What is Box?

Box is a cloud-based content management and collaboration platform designed specifically for businesses. It enables secure file storage, sharing, and workflows across various teams and devices. Key features include granular access controls to manage who can see and edit what, version history to track changes, and revert to previous versions if needed. Box also supports advanced security measures like data encryption to protect your sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.

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