Launching a new way of integrating with Dracoon secure file service

Launching a new way of integrating with Dracoon secure file service

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There are plenty of online services that allow you to store and share your files. But if your organization hasn’t tried Dracoon, you are missing out on a highly secure file service, specially oriented for enterprises. Best of all, you can now integrate it into the software you have.

What is Dracoon After All?

DRACOON is the market leader in Enterprise File Services for German-speaking countries. The Dracoon platform enables companies to store, manage, and share data digitally in a highly secure way. It has received several awards and certifications, such as BSI C5, ISO27001, and EuroPriSe.

Created with “Privacy by Design” in mind, Dracoon has integrated client-side encryption, which guarantees only the owner can decrypt the file. Not even the admin or Dracoon have access because it is the owner that always keeps the key for decryption. Moreover, user and rights management are fine-grained, offering individual access rights to all stored data – really important for all enterprise customers.

Use Connect Bridge to Integrate with Dracoon From any Application

Connecting Software and Dracoon are joining forces to bring all these data services into external services and applications - you can now integrate with Dracoon from any application using Connect Bridge!

You only need three things to start integrating:

  1. Your new or legacy software – with access to source code
  2. Knowledge of the SQL standard and
  3. Connect Bridge with the Dracoon connector activated.

It is important to note that you can use any software independently of the programming language used. Also noteworthy is that, by using Connect Bridge, you go through the API, but you don’t write your code for the API. You write your code in SQL, and Connect Bridge handles the communication with Dracoon’s API. This makes writing the code simpler and much faster!

How can I get started?

There are endless possibilities for you to connect your business applications and automate your workflows – so where should you start?

First, get yourself your free Dracoon account (10GB included) and your free Connect Bridge trial.

This will enable you to experiment everything first hand. Try out several ideas in terms of integrating with Dracoon. We are sure that having hands-on experience with it will lead you down the right path.

If you need assistance, our experts can help you. Get in touch with them by sending them an e-mail or using our contact form.

You'll see that integrating with Dracoon is straightforward this way. Let’s get that integration project running!

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