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Do you think you can play “IT piano”?

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Get it rockin’ with our integration
platform Connect Bridge

Knowing a programming language like C#, Java… without knowing SQL is like playing piano with one hand – possible but it limits your abilities.

Being able to write SQL queries to query a database and manipulate its data from your code, opens the door to creating scalable and dynamic applications that learn user behavior and provide the best user interactions. That’s possible due to the fact that you are able to store and update what your application learns in the database and retrieve it later on.

If you “speak” SQL, you can speak
with most of the “world”

SQL language is used almost everywhere. SQL as an IT language has the same importance & is as widespread as English when it comes to spoken languages. The number of users and developers using SQL is in the millions and increasing daily.

What allows the SQL language to spread so fast and to be part of almost every software application you can see and interact with – is the fact that it’s simple yet powerful. SQL is also based on ANSI standards which means you can learn the basic constructs once and use them to interact with different database systems like MS SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. Of course, each database management system adds its own keywords but all of them share a lot of syntax.

Considering the facts above, its no surprise that the average yearly salary of an SQL developer is around USD 73,000 and almost 20% of the jobs on the market indicate a need or understanding of SQL. Knowing SQL offers you 20% more chances to secure your position in the IT market as a Database Developer or Software Developer.

Use 4 simple commands :

Start integrating nearly “at the speed of light”!

Thanks to the release of the Connect Bridge in 2009 you could also become a system integrator in a couple of hours. How is it possible? Well, the reason is simple, our integration platform is built on the basis of this most powerful language “SQL”.

SQL is great to communicate with database systems because they understand SQL language – however, what if you want to communicate with a system like SharePoint, Exchange, CRM… that doesn’t understand SQL rather it speaks API “code calling”? It’s like speaking English to a non-English speaker who can’t understand English. That’s when you need an interpreter.

Connect Bridge is your fully qualified and certified interpreter that allows you to type your standard ANSI-SQL commands and it translates them to API calls. Thus securing your target system’s database which we never access it but still offering you the flexibility to type SQL commands. Imagine how much time you need to spend to study and understand the APIs of each target system you wish to communicate with.

To work with any integration platform you need to spend time to learn it and to learn how to interact with it. In this case, Connect Bridge requires a maximum of 2 hours to do that, why? Because our platform is mainly 3 components; Service Controller to control the service, Administration Tool to administrate the platform and Query Analyzer to test your SQL statements. Moreover we designed our Query Analyzer to be similar to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio so you feel really home while working with our platform.

If you have already experience with SQL language you’ve already learned 80% of our platform. You will be able in a couple of hours – I promise, from my own experience – to write your first integration solution and communicate with 30+ target systems and move things between them. You can right away start developing your integration solutions and selling them to your customers. You can do that using any programming language you wish or even without any programming language if you prefer to work only within SQL Server via our CB Linked Server Concept. With Connect Bridge there is something for everyone.

Explore the real integration benefits
with Connect Bridge

If you are considering becoming a system integrator, then it is a good decision considering the fact that the average salary of a system integrator is around USD 78,000 per annum. Wiser decision is to find out how easily & quickly you can become one with us. If you are already a system integrator then it’s time to widen your target customer group by offering integration solutions based on SQL syntax. You could also offer faster and better solutions while increasing your profit because you can achieve a lot more in less time with us which reduces your expenses.

If you are a SQL developer and want to add another source of income, then it’s really advisable to find out more about the Connect Bridge. With Connect Bridge, custom integration couldn’t be easier. I believe it’s really time for you to have a first-hand experience with our platform. Explore the Connect Bridge and what you can achieve with us now. Learn more about our exciting programmes for partners, ISVs and IT individuals.

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