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COUNTRY: Germany


Every company is faced with the challenge of how to securely save, manage, and share digital data. DRACOON, the Regensburg-based market leader in the field of enterprise file services in the German-speaking region, has made it its mission to give the world back control of its data with the help of its platform.

The DRACOON platform has been named a leader by top independent analysts like ISG, and various certifications, seals, and assessments such as BSI C5, ISO 27001, and IDW PS 951 confirm that DRACOON meets the highest standards of security.

In line with the principle of privacy by design, DRACOON features built-in client-side encryption. DRACOON offers maximum protection of both sent and saved files, because the owner is the only person who has the decryption key. Not even the administrator or DRACOON as the service provider has access. The highly granular user and rights management system makes it possible to define individual permissions for all of the files saved to the platform. This allows authorized users to maintain full control.

The universal API makes it possible to integrate external services and applications – from secure e-mail communication to the complete modernization of the company’s file services.

These companies trust their data to DRACOON:
KfW, Rossmann, Helios Hospitals, Rödl & Partner, ElringKlinger, EbnerStolz, DATEV, Nürnberger Versicherung, Thyssen Steel, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison, Bechtle, and many more.