Partner Core Competencies:

PARTNER TYPE: System Integrator

COUNTRY: Netherlands


Systems may never be leading, but they must guide. This is the starting point for all activities of NIT Solutions. Together we explore how and why Microsoft Dynamics 365 can strengthen the business position. The 'why' is an important aspect, it challenges both us and our client to remain critical of all options and possibilities.

When the solution is clear to both parties, the next step follows: the implementation. 'The foundation' is laid during implementation. This must be sturdy enough to even place a shed, house or skyscraper. The basis and structure stands. The NIT Solutions specialists then take action to get your employees to start as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, training sessions are provided and manuals prepared. From that moment your company is 'ready to grow'.

It is good to know that the service and services do not stop here. It was not. NIT Solutions continues to proactively support its customers. New initiatives are being put forward. Everything with only one goal: to become even stronger. We closely follow the latest developments.

We translate these into practical solutions.