Connecting Software awarded with Innovation Index Awards for CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint solution

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Connecting Software received Innovation Index Award for the development of an enterprise software solution called CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint. Deep Analysis, responsible for granting the award, has been researching for blockchain uses for enterprise software for four years and states that CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint is a first-of-a-kind, as it brings simplicity and the power of blockchain to SharePoint, Salesforce, and others.

Vienna, Austria, September 10th, 2021 – Connecting Software has won 2021’s Innovation Index Award for CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint. Under the blockchain category, the winner solution developed by Connecting Software uses blockchain technology for enterprises to accelerate their business data compliance for internal or external audits, preventing data tampering and fraud. Between the benefits of the solution, such as easy installation and cost-effectiveness, its users can tamperproof a file with a timestamped digital seal to it, ensuring its authenticity. CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint supports files from a vast list, such as Office documents, PDFs, reports, invoices and receipts, contracts and paychecks, e-mails, software code, audiovisual files, among others. Thus, it’s an out-of-the-box solution that successfully ensures data integrity and full data audibility with a low-cost range.

Innovation Index Award was idealized by Deep Analysis, an advisory company that promotes research on enterprise software. Deep Analysis is specialized in optimizing outcomes with beneficial, adaptable and economical characteristics, identifying each organization’s needs, aspiration, and abilities. As Deep Analysis digs into research to identify values, the Innovation Index Award aims for software with high-quality standards and appeals to a specific valued audience. Innovation Index Award has a transparent, yet straightforward criteria to select its nominees and winners. Working in a fully independent mode, the award methodology considers both clients and non-clients of Deep Analysis, and it’s also open to large and emerging vendors. CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint met the requirements of the methodology by providing a solution that solves difficult, complex, and costly issues. It succeeds in covering unarticulated and/or new needs and, thus, it adds value for its users' groups, rather they are employees, customers or partners.

Deep Analysis has been researching other uses of blockchain in information management for over four years when they found the solution developed by Connecting Software. Acknowledged as a first-of-a-kind solution in a recent analysis, Deep Analysis describes CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint as “a novel, low-cost, and innovative way to add distributed trust”.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of Deep Analysis, says that “Blockchain has huge potential to be used to seal and verify documents, records and files - creating a shared and universal version of the truth, rather than ‘my version of the truth’. Blockchain Seal, makes that potential a reality in a low cost and simple to use way.

Deep Analysis’s goal with the Innovation Index Award is to acknowledge creative and innovative moves from organizations to encourage the development of the enterprise software sector. They believe that good enterprise software must empower its users and give them a sense of accomplishment, as they now have the tools to make things easier when they were difficult, or even impossible, before.

Thomas Berndorfer, CEO of Connecting Software, states his pride and satisfaction for being awarded the 2021’s Innovation Index Award. “In the name of the Connecting Software team, I can say that we are enormously proud of being recognized by Deep Analysis for winning the Innovation Index Award in 2021.” He continues “Our gratitude is evident, as we worked hard to develop this fantastic product with such innovative technology.” The recognition of the effectiveness and uniqueness of CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint endorses Thomas’ vision for the marketplace, as it will solve many needs to ensure data integrity in standard software: “Many blockchain projects fail due to complexity – we take that out and, with this award, we will increase a lot of speed in this new exciting market. Deep Analysis saw exactly what we wanted to achieve, and this makes the whole team very proud!

About Connecting Software

With headquarters in Vienna, the company has been in the market for nearly two decades developing business software solutions, IoT, and modern blockchain solutions. Focused on integrating different applications, Connecting Software have offices in the United States, Slovakia, and Portugal. Recently certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, Connecting Software works with Public, Private, and Third Sector Organizations all around the globe and collects a significant amount of success stories among its clients. The company gathers prestigious certifications by Microsoft with Gold and Silver competencies, and won, in 2020, the “Top Blockchain Solution Provider” award, granted by the Enterprise Security Magazine.

About Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis is an advisory firm with the objective of helping organizations understand and address their challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace. With research as their core work, Deep Analysis received, in 2021, over 150 briefings from multi-billion-dollar mega-vendors to the tiniest of early stages start-ups, which enhances their strategy to talk to enterprises and understand their needs and experiences.

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