New Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator – 2016 READY!

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Recently we reviewed the 7 major improvements of Dynamics CRM 2016 and also SharePoint 2016 new features. While alone, both of these systems improved quite a lot and we really liked the new features. However, there is still a security leak.

If you don´t know why you should use SharePoint for document storage in Dynamics CRM, I will just briefly remind you the 3 main benefits:

  • Major costs saving for storage
  • Improved collaboration
  • Easier document sharing

None of these benefits changes for the 2016 versions, but unfortunately nor did the main security issue in integration. That means that Dynamics CRM 2016 privileges still cannot be synchronized by default with SharePoint permissions.

Our Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator is currently the only out-of-the-box tool that fixes this problem. We are constantly updating the Replicator to work properly with every possible version of both systems, including 2016 releases. This is not the only feature though, read all the improvements of new CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator 2.6 :

  • CRM 2016 support
  • SharePoint 2016 support
  • map CRM user to Directory Group
  • map CRM user to multiple SharePoint principals (SharePoint users, Directory Groups)
  • explicit folder privileges support for Directory Groups
  • extended target SharePoint object replication support for ListItem, List, Web
  • database logs view performance improvements
  • real-time log window optimizations
  • permission calculate algorithm optimization
  • adjusted “too early event processing” in direct notifications
  • SharePoint login format filters for automatic user mapping

If you´re interested in getting the new version of the CB CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator, please contact us on

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    Thank you for sharing the new updates. Also, the features of the SharePoint are useful. Looking forward.

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