What is data integrity?

Maybe you have heard a lot of buzz about it, but do you know the exact meaning of data integrityLet's start right there. Let's define data integrity. 

Data integrity is the property of the data that ensures that no one has tampered with it and that the data is, therefore, trustworthy.  

What does this data integrity definition imply? That data needs to be accurate, complete, and consistent. Moreover, there needs to be a way to prove it. That's the fundamental point: integrity of data means data that I can trust because I can show no one altered it without my permission and knowledge. 

Having a solution that ensures data integrity is crucial for the pharma and healthcare industries, who were the earliest adopters.

Other industries like financial services and software development are now catching up as they want to make sure they have untampered:

Machine or sensor data
Invoices and receipts

PDFs and other Documents
Software code

Digital processes

Why is data integrity important?

Regulation compliance has grown increasingly relevant and time-consuming for companies across the globe with regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, ISO 9000, and even routine audits becoming part of companies' day-to-day business. 

Many organizations look for a solution to prove the integrity of documents and data in an efficient and cost-effective way. They want to ensure trust for their business from regulators and also from clients and partners. To ensure this trust in their business, they need reliable data that they can trust. 

Ensure trust in your data 

Companies find that traditional methods are too slow, demand a lot of resources and interrupt the workflow for users. But how can they do it in a more modern and straightforward way? The answer is our Smart Stamp Document Sealing based on blockchain technology. With this brand-new solution, ensuring data integrity becomes straightforward, as you use your existing systems, and don't have to bother with blockchains' complexity. We never store the original information in the blockchain, so only its hash will ever get outside your network. This provides the highest possible efficiency, security, and ease of implementation. 

Our solution is based on our powerful Connect Bridge platform and its 400+ available connectors. With Connect Bridge or one of the out-of-the-box products we have based on it and the Smart Sealing option, implementation you can finally tackle this problem in an efficient way. The data itself will stay protected in your system, and you will address not only the integrity concerns but also all the confidentiality and security concerns as well.  

How will it work once the system is in place? In the CRM, DMS, or ERP system, you click the document that you want to seal. Our Smart Sealing system creates a hash, which a unique seal for the document. It establishes that it had specific content and appearance at the moment of sealing. 

When you want to verify data integrity, what the system will verify is the hash that is safe in the blockchain. 

Let's get clear on the advantages


Our unique solution is proven and certified, and it works at a fraction of the cost of other sealing technologies

Trusted and reliable

The nature of blockchain prevents data tampering and ensures trust in the documents that are seal-protected.

Security guaranteed

Our software can write the document hash into one or multiple blockchains – at your choice. The technology also allows you to change the blockchain network in the future or switch to entirely new technology.

Fast and easy

You don't need to learn any other software or have specialized blockchain-related knowledge: continue working in the familiar environment – CRM, ERP, DMS system. Our solution takes care of that for you. Our unique solution is proven and certified, and it works at a fraction of the cost of other sealing technologies

GDPR and other data protection regulation compliant

The documents don't leave your system – only their hash. Thousands of computers around the world will prove the data's authenticity.

Best of all: you don't need to invest any resources into learning and creating blockchain apps

Talk to us, and we will show you how to use the advantages of blockchain document sealing for your business success right now.

The smart way to ensure data integrity is

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