What can I do with OPC UA Connector?

Integrate your machine data with back-office business systems. Achieve your digital transformation targets with one solution, and your own team. Build your custom integration according to your needs, then scale.

This is industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for small, medium-sized manufacturers requiring a flexible, reliable solution, with attractive, unbeatable pricing. Your junior developer can become a system integration superhero within hours.

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Why is our Solution Different?


Reliable & Custom

One API for both machine and target system

Develop your own integration software custom to your unique production processes & workflows.

Connect data sources exactly as you need to improve plant efficiency, free up your valuable resources to focus on added-value tasks.


Connectivity to Scale

Build your integrations with your team and scale your solution as you modernize your manufacturing.

Become a truly Connected enterprise to keep up the digital transformation trend and realize the benefits of IoT & Industry 4.0.


Save Time & Money

Save operating costs of your machine park by planning your utilization more accurately.

Save machine experts’ time by removing administrative manual tasks like transcribing displayed results to business software.


Evolve your manufacturing

Use your data sources to create efficient workflows and business processes based on your actual resources.

Plan machine maintenance in advance and use collected data to improve resource allocation now, and in the future.


All Data in One Place

Enable real-time decision-making by connecting all data sources with one platform.

Visualize data flows in one dashboard for custom reporting, task automation, resource planning, and much more.

Deployment Options


unbeatable pricing


Powerful Features

Decrease Downtime

reduce failures, increase quality with
real-time information

24/7 Monitoring

independent of location, size, device – requiring less human interaction

Automate processes

create support tickets/tasks in SharePoint or Exchange when issues occur

Trigger alarms to automatically notify owner/producer

Create automatized reports of device, machine, robot, PLC

Build your own powerful integration
with your team