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Connect Bridge
The ultimate integration platform

The Connect Bridge is a powerful integration platform. Integration with the Connect Bridge is very easy, fast, effortless, live and bidirectional. Ultimate capabilities allows to connect any software with our designated connectors.


There is no need to learn interfaces of target systems. The Connect Bridge is the last interface you will ever learn. You can connect to more than a dozen of different systems only by using simple and well-known SQL syntax. Any developer can become an integration specalist in a very short time.


Be a part of the revolution in software integration. Get a free demo and start enjoying all these benefits:
   increase of development productivity
   high flexibility
   savings of costs and resources
   improvement of business process
   reduction of training, development and quality assurance time
   easy and fast integration
   seamless integration of cloud, on-premise or hybrid systems
   and many other

Do you like it?
Then try it!


Connnect from ANY software to our designated connectors - live and bidirectional

Download our application for Dynamics CRM
version for Windows 8 Phone
Download our application for Dynamics CRM
version for Windows 8 Desktop and Tablets

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