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CB Blockchain Seal: The Alternative for Discontinued WIPO PROOF

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WIPO PROOF was once a revolutionary tool that transformed the way businesses managed and protected their intellectual property (IP). Developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), WIPO PROOF served as a digital solution that protected the existence of sensitive information through timestamped evidence. It allowed organizations to demonstrate the authenticity and ownership of their digital files with ease, protecting them in the event of any potential disputes or infringements, and by complying with relevant laws.

WIPO PROOF was discontinued on the 31st of January 2022, a decision that left many wondering about the future of their digital intellectual property protection strategies. Thankfully, the software market currently offers alternatives, such as CB Blockchain Seal, that provide its same great features, ensuring businesses can continue to safeguard their valuable digital intellectual property. Let’s see how.

WIPO PROOF’s Token Verification Process

Tokens act as digital fingerprints that can prove the authenticity and integrity of the intellectual property documents they are associated with. By comparing files with the token generated when they were originally sealed through WIPO PROOF, it becomes possible to verify whether these files have been tampered with from the moment they were sealed.

alternative for discontinued

WIPO’s service for verifying tokens remains available to all users wanting to prove the authenticity of their digital files. The token generated from the original WIPO PROOF sealing (accessible via the dashboard), and the file you want to verify are all that is required.

Anyone can verify documents through this service as long as they have access to these two components.

Which WIPO PROOF Features Remain Active?

As noted, and as part of the official statement issued about the discontinuation of WIPO PROOF:

“Existing account holders can continue accessing their dashboard, verifying their tokens and generating premium certificates. All of these services are now provided free of charge.”

However, as the token generation service has been terminated, it is no longer possible to date- and timestamp any new files. This means that although it is possible to continue verifying tokens generated before the 31st of January 2022, WIPO PROOF is no longer an option for users looking to seal new files. And because of this, unless there is no longer a business reason to continue stamping digital documents, an alternative solution must be found to continue guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of intellectual property.

To identify a suitable alternative, let us first consider the features that have earned the trust of users in WIPO PROOF:

  • Digital Timestamping
  • Authentication
  • Tamper-Proofing
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Legal Validity

These elements are crucial for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital information. As such, a viable alternative to WIPO PROOF would incorporate all these features. Ideally, it would go beyond, offering an even higher level of security.

Leveraging Blockchain to Protect Intellectual Property

Blockchain timestamps harness the power of Blockchain technology to offer unmatched data security and transparency. It makes for an extremely compelling alternative to WIPO PROOF, surpassing its already incredible features. Let’s see why:

  • Digital Timestamping: Blockchain timestamps are securely embedded in a transparent and tamper-proof ledger, precisely recording the moment a digital document is created or submitted for sealing.
  • Authentication: When using Blockchain to seal a document, a unique code (hash) is created and stored in a high-security environment. In this context, hashes serve the same purpose as WIPO PROOF tokens. Using Blockchain technology, you can later compare the hash generated from the initial sealing with the current hash of a file, which allows for the detection of tampering and the verification of a file's authenticity.
  • Tamper-Proofing: The inherent immutability of Blockchain ensures that once a hash is created for a document, it becomes extremely difficult to alter or delete without achieving consensus across the network (more on this below). This makes it virtually impossible to tamper with, constituting one of the key features of Blockchain technology.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Much like WIPO PROOF, blockchain sealing protects your intellectual property by establishing an indisputable trail of ownership and creation.
  • Legal Validity: In situations where data integrity is questioned, blockchain timestamps serve as a means of providing virtually irrefutable proof. Should they be admitted, the immutable blockchain records can be used in legal proceedings, contractual agreements, and be readily verified by independent third parties.

Why a Blockchain Timestamp Goes Further

Blockchain sealing is possible due to a decentralized network of nodes, which eliminates the need for a single central authority. In simpler terms, there is no single point of failure because information resides across numerous locations. This decentralized approach ensures that data authentication and verification do not rely on a central entity, which protects valuable information against potential vulnerabilities or disruptions.

Coupled with its highly secured environment and the ability to provide virtually tamper-proof evidence, these reasons make Blockchain a very compelling alternative to WIPO PROOF. In a globalized world where the protection of intellectual property is crucial, Blockchain technology provides a reliable framework that effectively helps to preserve the integrity and authenticity of digital intellectual property.

Using CB Blockchain Seal to Protect Intellectual Property

Thus, to begin the transition from WIPO PROOF to the Blockchain era, the first step is finding a solution that seamlessly integrates the power of the technology into your existing intellectual property protection strategy.

From helping companies swerve the paths of corruption, to ensuring the compliance with strict intellectual property laws, and securing information in the digital banking industry, CB Blockchain Seal by Connecting Software is an innovative and versatile solution that has revolutionized the way companies manage and protect all types of valuable digital documents.

Packed with all the features and capabilities we have explained so far, CB Blockchain Seal empowers you to safeguard intellectual property with confidence in the current ever-evolving digital landscape. This solution is ideal for:

And any other case that requires the ability to prove the existence of a document and its information at a specific point in time.

In addition, Connecting Software is also recognized as a Top 10 Blockchain Solution Provider by the Enterprise Security Magazine, due to our work with CB Blockchain Seal:


SharePoint and Salesforce Blockchain Integration

In addition to being a well-recognized solution, CB Blockchain Seal has dedicated iterations for SFDC and Microsoft SharePoint users. This means that instead of using CB Blockchain Seal as a standalone solution, you can integrate it directly into Salesforce or SharePoint. These versions are designed to enhance user experience, ensuring the sealing process can be done directly inside these systems and that it is not noticeable during regular use.

To apply this to a real use case, you can have a look at the Success Story we recently published in collaboration with Kimitec, one of our customers for CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint.

And How Can I Verify My Files?

Verifying the contents you have sealed with CB Blockchain Seal is incredibly easy! The process is similar to WIPO PROOF’s service for verifying tokens, as you will use CB Blockchain Seal Verifier to validate your digital documents.

Our online verification tool can be accessed from Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, and it works on any device – extremely practical! This 1-minute explainer video gives a good general idea of the simplicity of our tool:

cb blockchain verifier

Feel free to reach out, share your use case, and our team will be ready to assist you at every step of the way! To ensure a seamless transition to the world of Blockchain, start by requesting your free 15-day trial for CB Blockchain Seal! 🔐

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