Connecting Software hosted president of Madeira

Connecting Software proudly hosted the President of Madeira’s Regional Government at its Portuguese office

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Miguel Albuquerque, the president of Madeira’s Regional Government, spent a pleasant morning at Connecting Software’s office at the Portuguese paradisiacal island to discuss our favourite topic: tech and the development of the industry.

On the 14th of May, Connecting Software hosted an exciting talk with Madeira’s Regional Government entourage. After a brief presentation on the company’s goals and views, Thomas Berndorfer, CEO and co-founder, and Miguel Albuquerque, the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, shared their thoughts on the impact of digital and tech industries on the development of the economy.

Miguel Albuquerque mentioned his satisfaction with how Connecting Software has been influencing the Madeiran economy and was excited to watch a presentation prepared by Connecting Software’s team on the quality of life of living on the island and its technological potential. The conversation on the visit also covered the lifestyle and life quality in Madeira, which were determinants for Thomas Berndorfer, when he decided to stay and establish an office at the island. With the support of Startup Madeira and Madeira University, the facilities of Connecting Software at Madeira went from project to reality.

Accompanied by a VIP team in Madeira, composed by Rui Barreto (Regional Secretary for the Economy), Duarte Freitas (from the Institute of Business Development), Gonçalo Pimenta (president of Madeira Parques), and Carlos Lopes Soares (CEO of Startup Madeira), the Regional Government of Madeira’s entourage met the office’s facilities and some of our team members. Another highlight of the visit was our highly skilled professionals, which we are very proud of. Miguel Albuquerque was keen on getting to know the team built by young developers that graduated from Madeira University, Portuguese professionals, and the expats that joined the company from all over the world – and the island.

As the conversation developed, the President showed his enthusiasm for the evolution of the tech and digital industry and, in his own words, is “a bet that has paid off”, as Connecting Software is “a good example of competitivity and human quality”. The dialog between Connecting Software and the Regional Government of Madeira aims at the continuity of tech and digital industries development on the island. The paths are beneficial for Madeira’s residents, Government, and tech industries seeking supportive sites to establish and develop high-quality business. Thomas Berndorfer is positive in making Madeira the “Silicon Island” of a decentralized Software Industry.

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