Connecting Software partners with Cryptowerk to release an add-on solution that seals and tamper-proofs documents in standard business software using Blockchain technology

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Connecting Software and Cryptowerk developed an add-on product using blockchain technology. Runed on the background of all existing operations and processes, CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint seals and tamper-proofs documents in any business systems, enterprise resource planning systems, or document management platforms. The solution adds value and trust to businesses and ensures data compliance cost-effectively when compared to other certificates of authenticity.

San Mateo, Nov. 20th 2019 - Connecting Software, a provider of synchronization and integration software and Cryptowerk, a data integrity company have released a new solution that seals documents in standard business software.

CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint, formerly known as , Smart Stamp Document Sealing with Blockchain Technology is a simple product add-on embedded in regular programs on the user’s desktop.

With the add-on, documents can be sealed with one click in any business system: CRM (Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.), enterprise resource planning systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV (BC), AX (FO)), document management platforms (Microsoft SharePoint, etc.). Users keep working in their familiar programs and seal or verify documents with simple actions via the new add-on.

Such tamper-proof stamps based on blockchain technology ensure data compliance and trust to businesses and are faster and more cost-effective than current certificates of authenticity and any other sealing technology.

There have been many talks about the opportunities of blockchain but very little real-world application. With our solution, this amazing technology can be used by companies, the public sector, industrial producers for their daily needs – proving data compliance and authenticity. We are happy that we have found Cryptowerk, a blockchain expert, who enabled us to leverage this technology for solving current business challenges”, - says Thomas Berndorfer, the CEO for Connecting Software.

One of the solution’s advantages is that the user’s working environment does not change. The data integrity solution based on blockchain runs in the background of all existing system operations and processes. Users do not need to learn anything about the underlaying technology and can continue working in their familiar software: CRM, ERP, document management systems, and apply sealing or verification with one click via the add-on.

With Cryptowerk a secure data integrity layer can simply be added to any business system. The integration in the Microsoft environment through Connecting Software is simple to use and all type of data can be secured in one-click.

“As a data integrity specialist, we are excited to partner up with Connecting Software who specializes in integration solutions and can bring our trust layer based on blockchain technology into almost every business software”, Dirk Kanngiesser, CEO Cryptowerk.

For more information see our webinar Data integrity solution based on blockchain technology for Your Microsoft environment.

Connecting Software, founded in 2007 in Vienna, Austria, is a producer of synchronization and integration software. Cryptowerk, based in Silicon Valley, is a data integrity company, using blockchain to authenticate digital assets.

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