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proMX - the go-to partner for Microsoft Dynamics
The beginnings of the partnership between the Nuremberg based company proMX GmbH and Microsoft date back 16 years. Since then, the company has built up the highest level of competence in the Microsoft ecosystem, especially in Dynamics. This is proved by numerous awards such as German Microsoft Partner of the Year, Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year, or their membership in the 'Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics'. Last summer, proMX with CEO Peter Linke, was also in the limelight at Microsoft's in-house conference Inspire 2017  in Washington, D.C.

CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator: the only out-of-the-box solution of its kind
It goes without saying that the best solution providers associate only with other ones at a similar level of competence to offer only the best solutions. proMX therefore chose the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator from Connecting Software to ensure the transfer of Microsoft Dynamics permissions to SharePoint at TROX. TROX is a European market and technology leader in the field of air conditioning and ventilation components and systems.

At TROX, the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator governs the access of 700 CRM online users to international sales documents, especially to quotes. The software ensures that "sensitive documents with budget and discount information are not viewed across sales organizations," says Dennis Lembcke, project manager and senior consultant at proMX.

Dennis Lembcke proMX Connecting Software CB Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator Success Story

proMX’ experience with the software and support
According to Lembcke, proMX’ experience with the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator has been only positive. Throughout the course of the project, proMX several times requested support from Connecting Software, as the software initially generated too many plug-in calls at the customer. The performance issue was solved by a software update.

“When it comes to response times and the quality of support, Connecting Software meets the high expectations of proMX”, says Lembcke. And his answer to the question, if he would recommend the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator? "Yes! The solution works reliably and maps many functional access rights in detail."

Learn more
The video below provides a quick overview of the benefits that provide you and / or your customers with the only out-of-the-box solution for reliable replication of Dynamics CRM permissions to SharePoint. For more information about the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator, visit the website of Connecting Software. Try it for one month for free!

Why Customers use CB Permissions Replicator

Watch a short video to find out:

CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator - sample video

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