trello with sharepoint tasks synchronization

Manage your SharePoint tasks using Trello

CB Trello with SharePoint Tasks Synchronization runs in the cloud and it syncs all your SharePoint tasks with Trello cards. This will allow you to manage all your projects in a much more organized and flexible way.

Moreover Trello syncs your cards across all your devices. Use intuitive apps for Android, iPhone or iPad.

How Does It Work?

1. Select Your Plan

All of our monthly plans come with unlimited Trello/SharePoint users and unlimited boards. We only limit the amount of traffic that you use. Additional traffic can be purchased as well.

2. Configure Connection Settings

Now you will need to configure the proper URL to your SharePoint and Trello and input users with sufficient permissions which will be used for syncing process.

3. Map Trello Boards to SharePoint Task Lists

In the last step you will select one of your existing Trello boards and map it to an existing SharePoint Tasks List. Repeat the process for all boards and task lists you wish to sync.

How to Configure CB Trello with SharePoint Tasks Synchronization