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ISV Issue no. 3: Designing a scalable solution

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“I need it to be ready for whatever may come and whatever I throw at it.”
(Every single client)

The hardest thing in the world is to change our ways. It’s not because things we have done have always worked that well, but they seem to have kind of worked. Thus our customers continue to enrich their infrastructures while demanding that your solution will be able to cope with every possible addition. This places you into another impossible situation: how to prepare for something that can be basically anything? How to design a solution that grows hand-in-hand with customer requirements?

Read on to learn how you can almost instantaneously provide your clients a future-ready, scalable solution that can integrate data from almost any source, whether structured or not, and about new approaches that can help you promote orchestration and cooperation, while eliminating contention in your organization.

API diversity

APIs have become the key to building successful integration solutions. They represent a set of methods which enable a piece of software to communicate with a specific end system. In turn, this communication enables you to retrieve data from those end systems into your applications – and put them back there, with APIs functioning as touch points between your apps and systems.

Yet as many organizations haven’t had a plan for managing their data growth, they have been introducing new systems into their infrastructure virtually on a daily basis. So instead of capitalizing on the simplification APIs offer, a virtually impenetrable layer of complexity has been added.
As stated above, APIs are in fact a language enabling applications to communicate with business systems. Hence to facilitate effective communication, you need to master all the APIs used by the target systems.

With a limited, definite number of them it would not pose a major issue for you and your coders. But with a virtually limitless number of possible combinations, we’re talking a completely different story.

The scalable solution

To be able to cope, you need a solution providing pre-made and pre-tested plug-in modules that would enable you to dynamically scale your solution to encompass newly added systems. These we call “connectors”, as they enable our integration platform to connect to various systems they have been designed for. Currently, we are offering over 30 out-of-the-box connectors for major enterprise systems, such as SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help you kick-off your project. Our party piece, however, is that with our proprietary technology and unique architecture, we can create a new connector tailored specifically to your needs faster than you can say “I apologize, but we cannot provide a solution that would be able to integrate your data” to your customers.

With Connect Bridge you can thus flexibly scale your solution to cover any new data source future, fate that your customers might throw at you, with only minimal changes to your code and absolutely no changes to your application logic and architecture.

For a list of pre-made connectors, please, visit our Connect Bridge product page.

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Why Customers use Connect Bridge

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