Bridging the security gap between Dynamics 365 Privileges and Sharepoint Permissions

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Proprietary customer information and confidential documents form the backbone of thriving companies. Therefore, ensuring the safety of customer relationship data is vital in the information age. Yet it’s equally important that relevant stakeholders have around-the-clock access to the imperative data that drives business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the standard for managing customer relationship data. It covers all the key areas of CRM, such as sales, marketing and customer service, in addition to being totally customizable through user extensions. It facilitates analysis of the historical development of customer relationships. At the same time, it enables sales representatives to further these relationships by minimizing administrative overhead, thus improving mobility and productivity.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 provides a sophisticated security model employing role privileges at multiple levels, while assuring the security of your proprietary information and enabling access control on a precise, granular level.

SharePoint, however, remains the solution of choice for team collaboration and document storage. It provides many important benefits to Dynamics 365, such as lower database utilization, cheaper online storage and access to documents for non-CRM users, among others. Also, by supporting document co-authoring, it facilitates approval processes, thus speeding up business activities.

Obviously, combining these powerful capabilities would be the best way forward for businesses. Yet security-conscious decision makers are aware of the potential security risks.

A solution for all, and for everyone to see

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a standard out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint which enables organizations to link SharePoint documents with CRM records. Moreover, it enables users to manage SharePoint documents and utilize many of the document management features of SharePoint directly in the user interface of Dynamics 365.

But the security models of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint differ significantly. This out-of-the box integration does not provide the same level of record security in CRM and SharePoint. This results in documents in SharePoint being accessible to users without the required Dynamics CRM privileges.

So, is there a way to combine the benefits of both solutions and enforce the correct access rights at the same time?

Yes, there is.

The secure solution

CB Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator is a small yet powerful application that monitors privilege changes for Dynamic 365 data items in the background and automatically synchronizes these changes to respective items in SharePoint. Thus the proper privileges from Dynamics 365 are applied to SharePoint items – automatically and instantaneously, securing your data items and documents at all times. To access the end Dynamics 365 and SharePoint system, it utilizes our Connect Bridge platform.

Supports Sales, Customer Service, Operations and Marketing solutions of Dynamics 365.

Find out more in the video below, or simply contact us to talk with one of our experts.

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